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Horses And Fences

Sometimes, when I’m in need of a blog topic, I turn to the picture library on our computer. Yesterday, while doing that, I found a few photos that I hadn’t shared. And they featured one of my favorite subjects.

Recently, Marshall and I took an elderly acquaintance to breakfast. Not far from her house, we always see a beautiful horse in a pasture. I often stop to take pictures.

horse1 12-17-2015 11-30-52 AM

Obviously, I have a very willing model. “How about a profile shot? This is my better side.”

horse2 12-17-2015 11-30-54 AM

On our last trip to the Outer Banks, we saw this “Black Beauty”, who obviously subscribes to the theory that the grass is, indeed, greener on the other side of the fence.

other side 1-30-2016 1-52-24 PM

And, last but not least, one of my cousins lives a mile or two from us and has several horses.  A few days ago, as we passed by, we saw three of them standing by the fence near the highway.  Motor Man pulled in the lane, and the horses immediately began running toward the stable.

bettys horses1 2-6-2016 2-20-41 PM

Yes, I have a horse obsession; seeing my photo library removes all doubt.

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