Daily Archives: February 24, 2016

Oh, So Thankful

Most of us have had those times when we are just so thankful. So very thankful. As in weak-in-the-knees thankful.

We had one of those experiences last night.

We got home from dinner around 6, and I put some eggs on to boil. Usually I set the timer, but last night, I didn’t. I went to the other end of the house and got busy on the computer, intending to go back and check on the eggs in a few minutes.

About an hour later, Motor Man (in the same room with me) said: “I smell something burning.”.  Those are such frightening words until you can determine the cause of that odor.  I had clothes in the dryer, so I immediately thought that might be it, but it wasn’t.

We both walked down the hall toward the kitchen…and then I remembered.

eggs 2-23-2016 7-48-50 PM

When I first realized what had happened, I was worried that the pan was about to catch fire, so I put it in the sink and added water. (And, yes, before I moved it, I stopped to think was grease involved.)

There was no smoke….yet….so that’s why the smoke detectors weren’t activated.

We immediately opened windows, turned on exhaust fans, breathed sighs of relief…

…and lifted up thanks.

~These Days Of Mine~