Random Five Friday

And my thoughts are, indeed, random this week.

1.) Beginning January 1, I started eating a little healthier.  Up until then, I rarely ate any fruit.  Recently, I discovered Ambrosia Apples. And I am smitten. Not only are they pretty, but they are sooooooo good.  I researched and learned that they’re grown in British Columbia. You can’t buy an Ambrosia Apple Tree, as they are only to be grown commercially.  I’m already dreading the day I can’t find them in my local supermarket.


2.) Today, I’d like to introduce you to a brand new blogger.  It just so happens that I’ve known the author for (clears throat) many years.  One of his hobbies is genealogy, so that may be the main focus of his blog. But he also hopes to relate some stories of growing up in the little town of Smithfield.  His name is Donnie, his blog is Skeletons In The Closet, and I hope you’ll pay him a visit. “Tell him I sent ya.”

3.) Although I’ve seen a couple of birds enjoying the bird feeder, it seems that squirrels have been the most frequent customers. I snapped this picture through the kitchen window a couple of mornings ago of one of them doing a balancing act on top of the shepherd’s hook.  (My racing flag for the Daytona 500 has since been replaced by one to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.)


4.)  Sundae apparently took offense at Gypsy enjoying the spotlight here in Wednesday’s post. So Sundae decided that she needed to do something exciting enough to get some blog time.  This took place on top of our old roll-top desk, the top of which is less than a foot wide. And the space between these two miniature (salesman sample/doll) dressers is a little more than six inches. Please disregard all the clutter in those little cubby-holes;  apparently, such is the way of roll-top desks no matter how determined the owner is to not let that happen.

5.) And finally, an impromptu dinner with a friend last night had Motor Man and me traveling through my old hometown. Although I’m in that area quite often, it’s rarely at night.  Our return trip was after dark, and as we passed by what was once my Grandmother’s store, my thoughts turned to so many childhood evenings spent there. It seemed that there were always aunts, uncles and cousins gathered  in the storefront around an old stove, laughing, talking and sharing stories. So many memories within those old walls……sigh.

grandmas store 6-13-2015 2-21-28 PM

Care to share your randomness today?

~These Days Of Mine~

20 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Fun post today as always. I love your Random Five Fridays. Random for me today—-Chris has a board meeting web call so I have to be very quiet this morning. Shhhhh.

  2. My Mom used to buy Ambrosia apples when she could find them. I used to eat an apple everyday when I was in school. (I was dating the doctor’s daughter) I could feel the heat in my cheeks when I ate Red Delicious. Not so much with the Ambrosias. Gonna have to find some and enter the website photo contest. Squirrels love to make their nests using colorful flags, btw. Lots of patriotic ones near the cemetery. Have a great weekend and stay dry,

  3. This morning at 3:45, I chased a racoon off our suet feeder. He was determined to open that cage. In the past, they’ve taken the food and the cage. 😦 I love Ambroisa apples!

  4. That squirrel is just the limit! They are determined critters. Snow overnight and on the way to work this morning – the best kind – it’s not staying around – just pretty! I’m going to have try Ambrosia Apples – I need to eat healthier too – and less:>

  5. This was wonderful. Love the old store.

  6. I grew up next to an apple and cherry orchard in PA. My mother made apple pies and apple sauce all the time. I also made lots of apple sauce for my boys and they ate it almost every morning. I would make a big batch and freeze it. They preferred eating it while it was still partially frozen. Honey Crisps are David’s and my favorites. Pink Lady and Jazz come in second and third.

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love your random thoughts. Ambrosia apples are yummy but I think my favorite is Honey Crisp. Have you tried them yet? And what can I say about Sundae? She’s such a pretty (and adventuresome) girl and she reminds me so much of my sweet Callie. I can just imagine the lovely memories rolling through your mind every time you pass your grandmother’s old store. That happens to me each time I drive by my old homestead which had been in our family for over 100 years.

  8. Entirely random today!
    1.) I still haven’t sampled that Ambrosia yet.. but if I heard you correctly, it should be good for a while .. ?
    2.) I’ll have to swing by …..
    3.) With the flag out there, it looks like he’s about to begin a race with a jump!
    4.) It almost looks like she could see the reflection of the room in the glass & was trying to jump over the frame ‘ into ‘ it ..
    5.) Such a great old building ..

  9. Envy apple the best!

  10. Your randoms are always so interesting. I especially love the one of your Grandmother’s store and the memories it holds for you. Sundae and Gypsy are close seconds and I love them both. Must try the Ambrosia apples too….. Great post Dianna.

  11. Will have to try your apple recommendation, Dianna. Arkansas Black is my favorite. I like something crispy with a bite.

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great R5F! I know you will enjoy eating healthier and the apples look good. The squirrel is checking everything out, and Sundae is a show stopper that’s for sure, so cute!

  13. Well I’m a granny smith fan even though they aren’t normally chosen for “eating” since they’re so tart……but I’ll try these if I can find them. Love the photo of your Grandmother’s store…..time marches on doesn’t it.


  14. Going to have to try the Ambrosia apple… just the name sounds GOOD! Squirrels!

  15. I don’t think that I’ve ever had an ambrosia apple, but they sound delicious. I do think that there’s something to the old saying, “An apple a day will keep the doctor away.”

  16. What do the Ambrosia apples taste like–tart, sweet, combination of both? Have you tried Honey Crisp or Braeburn? Those are my two favorites that I can get in the store fairly often. My all time favorite apple is one I have never seen anywhere other than at the orchard where I used to work and it is the Blushing Golden….my mouth waters just thinking about it.

    I enjoyed reading your 5….

    • The Ambrosia is sweet – not tart at all. I do like the Honey Crisp, and that’s my favorite if I can’t find the Ambrosia. Thanks for commenting!

  17. Sundae must have been sharing her expertise in art appreciation. That little space is just her size, I love how she got those dainty little paws all tucked in appropriately. I can just see the family gathered around in your grandmother’s store. I’ll probably get my randomness in on Monday. Had hoped to get to it this weekend, but too many other projects vied for the time.

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