For The Horses…

Those of you who know me personally know that I abhor politics.   But, today, I guess you could say that I’m dipping my toe in political waters.

I’m sharing a message with you from the Corolla Wild Horse Fund:

Please save our horses. The amendment to mandate our herd size to a genetically and physically healthy level is up for a vote THIS afternoon. PLEASE, call (do not write or e mail – not enough time) your US Senator. The link to find their names and phone numbers is below. Tell them that you want them to vote YES on the Burr-Tillis Amendment, #3175. Time is running out for the wild horses and we need your help to flood the Senatorial offices with constituents from all over the country. If you love these horses, PLEASE SAVE THEM.

Please note that voting for this amendment is expected to be THIS AFTERNOON. For the phone number of your senators, click on this link:

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know how much Motor Man and I enjoy our rides on the beaches of Corolla in search of the wild horses.  The herd size is dangerously small, and it is causing genetic problems among the horses.

I’ll be calling my Senators this morning, and I hope you will, too…regardless of where you live.

By the way, for my Virginia readers, I’ll save you the trouble of clicking on the link:
Tim Kaine: 202 224-4024
Mark Warner: 202 224-2023

Hopefully, this amendment will be passed today, and those beautiful horses will continue to run wild and free.  And healthy.

Thank you.

4th horse

~These Days Of Mine~


9 responses to “For The Horses…

  1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well this afternoon.

  2. Thanks for putting the word out, Dianna!

  3. Thanks Dianna. I did not know our herd was in any peril at all. Will call Tim Kaine.

  4. I think the horses have enough fans in high places (and low places like my home!) that they will be alright……everyone who knows about this will be calling to express their thoughts I’m sure but here’s hoping WE are heard.


  5. I do hope that the Bill is passed. You are so lucky to have wild horses and it would be so sad if they were lost because of politics.

  6. Thanks for the link. You have a wonderful heart. I’m Sending prayers and positive thoughts that the bill will pass that beautiful horses will continue to be free and thrive.

  7. First time we’ve ever contacted a U.S. senator! But the secretary said she would note it. LOVE the horses and how free and happy and wild they seem in all your photos. Have learned so much about them from your blog and links, so easy to see how they are adored.

  8. ok!
    I’ve never called them for anything, either, but I will !
    Love that last pic !

  9. I guess I’m a little late. Do you know how the vote went?

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