Earth Mover?

Yesterday afternoon, when I arrived home, I stopped in our driveway to check the mail. Something caught my eye: one of the river rocks edging the flowerbed was moving….

Keep in mind, the rock in the lower part of the video is nearly a foot long and weighs ten (10) pounds. (I weighed it before I wrote this post so I would be accurate.)

A few minutes later, I went out with a garden trowel and (cautiously) lifted the rock.  I didn’t see a thing, but I must admit, I didn’t spend much time in my search.

I’m thinking I don’t really want to see whatever that is underground that can move a ten pound rock.

Your thoughts?

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “Earth Mover?

  1. Oh wow! You were brave to pick up that rock, Dianna. That’s bizarre!

  2. MOLE!!! CH is dealing with them now.

  3. A mole comes to mind – Yes! I saw that FAST earthworm or small snake also – so was there a nest of snake eggs? UGH!!! I think I’d have used a shovel with a LONG handle to check under that rock! I don’t do snakes and that would have been my first thought!

  4. Snake. Moving underground, writhing and moved the rock. OR your new medication ( I know you don’t drink) and I don’t know of any medication. Ha. Vole/mole would not be strong enough. A genuine Smithfield mystery!

  5. Yikes!! First of all, loved that old song! Second, I’m thinking snake? Eww.

  6. If that’s a mole, it’s on steroids. I saw that critter, too, but I think it was a worm getting out of the way in a hurry. I know snakes lay eggs in loose dirt, such as compost piles, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

  7. Glad I had the speakers turned up … nice effect !
    I would say mole, but that’s a pretty big rock..
    I hate to say snake, but …………..

  8. Yikes! No idea what it could be. How brave you were to pick up that rock.

  9. EEEEK! I’m thinking snake too…….yuck. I’d be sending David out there to take care of it….LOL


  10. Mole, for sure.

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wow, I would rather think mole than snake.

  12. Oh my gosh! It could’ve been something cute and fuzzy or something with fangs. You’re a brave gal. I wonder what it was…
    P.S. (I would’ve had to lift the rock too.) 😉

  13. Your moving rock grabbed our attention, my granddaughters and I want to know what it was, if you find out.

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