The Most Beautiful Sky

Our friend, Bev, joined us for our most recent trip to Corolla to see the wild horses. She and Motor Man were laughing at me because I kept commenting on how beautiful the sky was. They really teased me when I finally announced that it just may have been the most beautiful sky I’d ever seen.

But, later in the day, when Bev saw some of the photos I’d taken, I think she agreed.

clouds and dunes 4-23-2016 12-24-26 PM

Oh, and by the way, we saw wild horses under that perfect sky. Among them, this stallion and his two mares.   I learned a new horse term compliments of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook page: when a stallion steers the mares in his harem in the direction he wants them to go by lowering his head like this, it’s called “snaking”. (Motor Man wishes….)

snaking 4-23-2016 12-38-52 PM

Further along, we saw another stallion with his harem of three mares.

4 horses 1 fin 4-23-2016 12-56-51 PM

Did you happen to notice something else in the photo? Dolphins, very close to the shore.

2 horses 3 fins 4-23-2016 12-56-36 PM

Once I uploaded my photos at home and compared them to some on the Corolla Wild Horse Facebook page, I learned that this handsome boy is the son of Amadeo, the blind stallion rescued from the ocean, who’s now a pampered resident of the Corolla Wild Horse Rescue Facility.  (We met him at the Open House last fall.)  You just never know who you’ll meet on the beach.

amadeos son and 1 mare4-23-2016 1-12-49 PM 4-23-2016 1-12-49 PM

On our way back through the tiny village of Corolla, I took this picture of the Currituck Light.

currituck light 4-23-2016 1-34-26 PM

And if that’s not the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen, it’s definitely in the top two.

~These Days Of Mine~

16 responses to “The Most Beautiful Sky

  1. Beautiful feast for the eyes, horses are such intelligent and lovely creatures. The blue sky with billowing clouds were perfect. Smiles, Robin

  2. Beautiful


  3. What a wonderful day you had!! Marvelous skies, photo bombed by dolphins behind wild beach mustangs, gorgeous shot of the brick lighthouse (I always found that Currituck lighthouse charming) against movie worthy sky,TWO bands of horses …..BUT to see the son of Amadeus too!!! I reiterate. ..What a wonderful day you had!

  4. I agree, the sky looks stunning, Dianna. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, especially the lighthouse.

  5. Beautiful day! The horses look happy too – today is the ASPCA’s National Help A Horse day…… a totally perfect day to see these beauties.


  6. Absolutely the most BEAUTIFUL sky shots ever! I’d have to agree. And ‘snaking’ – most of our husbands join Motor Man in wishing:> The charm of Corolla Light Village is what drew us to begin vacationing in that area – before the build up! Your pictures are canvas worthy!

  7. Yep, that’s one beautiful sky and photos of the horses too. And the added bonus of dolphins…sounds like a perfect day!

  8. Now that IS a nice sky …
    & quite a few interesting things at ground level, too !

  9. Gorgeous photos, Dianne! You just ignore Bev and Motor Man and don’t lose the love of beautu in nature!

  10. Love blue skies and your photo is stunning👍

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Just beautiful sky, Dianna! Adding in the horses and dolphins and it’s perfect!!

  12. A perfect sky and a phenomenal place to visit. What a great catch of those dolphins watching the horses along with you. Simply beautiful. 😊

  13. So glad you had a gorgeous day to visit the horses. I have fallen in love with your horses through your sharing of this beautiful animals. So glad those were dolphins and not sharks.

  14. It is a most beautiful sky. Love, love, love the pictures of the horses!!!

  15. absolutely gorgeous! I’ll bet its hard to head home at night! MJ

  16. Beautiful day,beautiful sky, beautiful colors of nature! Stunning post dear Diana. Thank you for sharing those beauties!❤️❤️❤️

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