Random Five Friday

Five randoms for the final Friday in April:

1.) Last weekend, there was an air show at a local Air Force Base.  Although we didn’t actually attend the show, we did stop for awhile in the area after lunch on Sunday with Motor Man’s mom.  We caught some of the stunt planes in action.

air show2 4-24-2016 1-11-16 PM

2.)  A recent soft sunrise:

sunrise 4-19-2016 6-38-58 AM

3.) Gypsy and I took a few selfies one day this week.  We obviously need a little practice: neither of us knew where to look.


4.) On my way home from an appointment Wednesday afternoon, my low tire pressure warning light/alarm on my dash let me know there was a problem.  I pulled over at the village post office, and immediately upon opening my door, heard the air hissing out of the tire.  In less than a minute, this happened.  See that little silver object at the top of the tire?  That’s the business end of an X-acto knife.

flat tire1

I called Motor Man, and he arrived in a few minutes.  A very nice young man who lives next door to the post office saw us and offered to help. He soon had his floor jack and tools there to put the “run-flat” on until we could get to the repair shop. No repairing this tire: we had to buy a new one.

5.) We currently have two Canada Goose couples in our yard, and each couple has two goslings.  Yesterday, I glanced out to see this cute sight: a baby asleep on Mom (or Papa). The other parent  was sleeping nearby, but I couldn’t see where the second little one was.

mom and gosling 4-28-2016 3-20-36 PM

Care to share your randoms?

~These Days Of Mine~


9 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. It’s hard to believe April is coming to a close. Of course with temperatures close to 90, it feels more like summer. Beautiful sunrise, Dianna!

  2. The gosling with parent is precious. Helpful folks are a true blessing. Love the aerial shots. Friday again – comes around so quickly! Gypsy is quite the beauty.

  3. Falling over from the cute of the geese click… thump! One of the reasons I don’t do selfies, my eyeballs are always doing something spastic. The sunrise is so peaceful and beautiful to look at. Enjoy your weekend, Dianna!

  4. Good randomness for the last Friday in April!
    Glad your tire issue happened close to home …
    Great reflection in the sunrise pic..
    & the pic of the geese is almost enough to forgive them for a mess
    now & then !

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Good shot of the plane looks like you were at the right spot. Flat tires are no fun but having good people help you out is. Gypsy looked shy in the picture but we all know different don’t we. lol

  6. Flat tires are no fun! Thank goodness didn’t happen on limited access highway and other really inconvenient place.

  7. I’m so glad you had heroes to the rescue with that flat tire! The goose and gosling pic is precious. And you and Gypsy make a really cute pair. 🙂

  8. Such fun pictures (well, not that tire!). I have never seen an airshow – other than crop-dusting, which is quite impressive.

  9. Sorry to hear about your tire troubles. An X-acto knife blade? Now that seems like an unusual culprit. You and Gypsy are adorable. I haven’t gotten selfies figured out, either.

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