Close To Home


Today is Black Friday.

Here’s a list of things I won’t be doing today:

  • getting up at 0-dark thirty to hit the big sales
  • standing in long lines at the check-out
  • fighting traffic in the mall parking lots
  • soaking my aching feet later

I’m staying close to home today.

Motor Man and I have invited a few of my former classmates over for a casual get-together this evening.

A list of things I will be doing today:

  • last minute cleaning
  • last minute decorating
  • last minute food preparation

 Do you see a pattern here?  Perhaps I put everything off til the last minute.

But it’s sure better than fighting the crowds on Black Friday.

I’m putting that shopping off til later.

5 responses to “Close To Home

  1. There is absolutely NOTHING that I need bad enough to go near a store or mall this whole weekend!!!
    And, lucky me, I didn’t even have to cook on Thanksgiving…thank the good Lord for a daughter who is an excellent cook.

  2. Home is definitely the place to be today! The sale ads from yesterday’s paper made a stack about 3 & a half inches tall … :/

  3. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    This is my day each year to set back and laugh at all the crazy people 🙂
    Enjoy your evening and hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving, we had a lovely one.

  4. Last minute is the only way I can be productive!

  5. I love that “Not to Do” list! What a fine blog you have here! Thanks for visiting Live with Flair. I love finding new blogs!

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