Daily Archives: May 7, 2011

Mother And Daughter Weather


Everyone’s thoughts are on mothers this weekend.  Today I’m honoring my Mom, who left us on May 5, 1995, nine days before Mother’s Day that year.

Years ago, I found this poem and cross stitched it for Mom in 1979. It perfectly describes the relationship we had. An online search didn’t reveal any information about it, so I’m not able give credit to the author.

To My Mother
When I grow up, I had always said,
squaring my shoulders and shaking my head,
I’ll do whatever I want to do.
But I always came back for a kiss from you.
When I grew up, I was somewhat stern,
and I wondered if you would ever learn
that I was adult, and therefore wise.
But I leaned on the love in your steady eyes.
With what true thread of wisdom and dream
you mended the sails and stitched the seam
of my wayward craft, I can never know.
I can only write as the swift years go
with the tides of time, we have shared together
a lovely mother and daughter weather,
and kept in balance a sweet and fine
ebb and flow of your heart and mine.

From the time I gave this to her until she went into the nursing home, it hung on the wall  in her living room. Now it’s  in my guest room.  I can’t say that I notice it everyday, but when I do, I’m reminded of our “lovely mother and daughter weather”.