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Not Such A Big Dream


Linking up to Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop today. My prompt is: What was your big dream for yourself when you were 18 and had graduated from high school?

Most of you will probably laugh when you read about my “big dream”.  I grew up in a very small town and my dream never included leaving the area.  

There probably has not been a person who hated school more than I did. (My sister will attest to this.)  When my high school graduation date was revealed, and I discovered that I would be graduating on my 18th birthday, I most likely squealed with delight.  That birthday was, at that point, my best birthday ever. And it still rates in the top five of all my birthdays.

College was not an option for several reasons.  So all through high school, and maybe even before, my dream was to get a secretarial job as soon as possible.  Throughout high school, I took classes that would help make that “big” dream a reality: typing, shorthand, business math, bookkeeping.

From the first time I ever touched a typewriter, I’ve loved to type.  That’s one reason I love blogging!

I was fortunate to find a job nearby within a couple of weeks of graduating from high school.  It was a clerical position and involved typing up sales orders. But within a few months, I was promoted to a secretarial job, which I held until I left the company nine years later when my son was born.

So I definitely realized my “big” dream.

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