Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

A Little Cottage By The Sea


Last week, some members of Motor Man’s family rented a little beach house in Corolla on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Okay, maybe “little” isn’t exactly the right word.

8 bedrooms, 9 1/2 baths, three floors,  a pool, a home theater, a game room and bar. Oh, and an elevator.

Motor Man and I took his parents down for the day. We all had been invited to stay for a couple of days, but they were having no part of being gone from home overnight.

This was the oceanside.

The rooms were large and tastefully decorated, most of them in nautical themes. This was my favorite bedroom, but then,  I’m partial to blue.

Motor Man’s sister had pre-made lunch for the most part, but I helped a little in the kitchen.  Two ovens, two dishwashers, two sinks, two ranges.  I was lost. Motor Man will tell you I have very little experience in a kitchen.

This is the dining area where we ate lunch. How do you describe this view of the Atlantic Ocean? Amazing, fabulous, beautiful, awesome?

Several times during the day, flocks of pelicans would fly over.  I ran for my camera each time.

Before we left for home, Motor Man and I posed out on one of the decks. He was having more fun than this picture implies. I think.

As the old saying goes,  it was a nice place to visit……