Daily Archives: May 4, 2011

Waterfront Dining


Monday evening I was on the phone with my friend Bev, when I realized it was time for the sunset. Since my cordless phone wouldn’t transmit that far, I told her I’d have to call her back. (Can’t miss a sunset around here.)

My buddy, Groom Swan, doesn’t like to miss a sunset either.

He also doesn’t like to miss a chance to eat, so, of course, I had some bread with me. And that meant we had seagulls for company. I hadn’t brought THAT much bread, so Groom Swan had to be on his game to eat as quickly as I tossed it to him.

Whew! This was a close one.

It certainly doesn’t take long for word of free food to get around in the seagull world.

Groom Swan and I had good team work, so the gulls had to look elsewhere for food.  Finally the last one flew off into the sunset,

leaving Groom Swan to enjoy the sunset – and his dinner – in peace.