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Little Girl In BIG Trouble


It’s Thursday! Time for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop!  The prompt I chose to write about today was:   “a time you got in BIG trouble as a kid”.

If ever there was a shy, timid child, it was me. I never wanted to do anything that would result in being reprimanded or punished and never wanted attention brought to myself.  

But, one time as a child, I really did get in big trouble.

The pastor (or “preacher”, as we always called him) of our church during my childhood years was a very gentle, kind man who was loved by the entire congregation.  Carol, his daughter, was around my age.  Since Carol and I were the only girls in the neighborhood, she and I played together quite a bit.

One day when we were playing, Carol did something that really made me mad.   Although I can’t recall the details, I remember that I was very upset.  So, to get back at her, I did the unthinkable.

I let the air out of her bicycle tires.

My mother found out; I can’t remember how.  (I seem to have erased a lot of this from memory.) When she did, she seemed certain that this sole act would deny me access to the gates of heaven. And I think she was worried that she might be in danger too. After all, she was responsible for this child that had suddenly veered off the straight-and-narrow.

My mom’s chosen method of punishment was always a scolding. And this was probably the worst one ever directed at me. She could not BELIEVE that I had let the air out of someone’s tires, ESPECIALLY  the preacher’s daughter!  I can still remember her horror.  I don’t think the preacher and his family were too bothered by it; I seem to recall them assuring us that it wasn’t a big deal.

But to my mom, it was. Looking back, it saddens me to know that I disappointed her by committing this childish (albeit mean-spirited) prank.

And I’ve never let the air out of anyone’s tires again. Ever.

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