Daily Archives: May 24, 2011

Nurse Sundae


You may recall my post about having a tooth pulled while sedated last Friday.  I could write an entire post about all my mumblings while waking up from the anesthesia (as told to me by Motor Man), but I think we’ll just leave those be. Unless he starts a blog of his own, I figure I’m safe.

What I will share is how our kitty became Nurse Sundae for part of the weekend.

Sundae has been somewhat of an independent cat ever since she adopted us. She might get up on the bed early in the morning occasionally – when she’s tired of waiting for her breakfast treat, as I related in this post.  But for the most part, she doesn’t spend much time on our bed.

But, Friday, when we returned home from my surgery, and Motor Man “guided” me into our bedroom,  Sundae immediately sensed that something was different.  Since I was in and out of consciousness, Motor Man had to tell me about it, but she apparently spent the better part of the afternoon lying beside me on the bed.

Saturday morning, I was much better, but still spent most of the morning just lazing around.  I awoke from a nap to this.  

Nurse Sundae was still on duty.

Being a nurse kitty is a tough job with long hours.