Daily Archives: May 25, 2011

A Sky Divided


Monday evening, our area was under a severe thunderstorm warning.  I really wasn’t expecting much in the way of a sunset.

But, ever the optimist,  as time for the sunset approached, I glanced out our garage window.  And then I hurried to get the camera.

This picture was taken just as I came out of the garage. Normally, my sunset pictures are taken from the “point” of our property, but I was afraid the sun would be completely gone if I waited to cross the yard.

Once I made it to the water’s edge, I was able to take a few pictures before the storm clouds completely overshadowed the sun.

The thunderstorms never made it to us, but skirted the area. I could hear the thunder as I was taking these pictures. Believe me, I wasn’t out there long. Looking at the times on the pictures, these were all taken within three minutes.

The clouds seemed to divide the sky, just as their reflection seemed to divide the water.

And now, I must go adjust the clock setting on our camera. These pictures were NOT taken at 1 pm, as indicated when holding the mouse over the image.