Toe Boogs

When my son, Marshall, was a little boy, for some reason, he began referring to the occasional lint between his toes as “toe boogs”.  It was a cute abbreviation for, well – you know. 

And you’re probably all wondering where this post is heading, aren’t you? (Especially Marshall.)

One of my very favorite parts of owning a cat is watching them clean their paws.

It seems that we always had at least one cat in the house when Marshall was growing up. When one of the cats would wash its paws, we would say that kitty had “toe boogs”.

Recently Sundae had “toe boogs”.

I love having a kitty in the house.


15 responses to “Toe Boogs

  1. Cats really do work to keep their toes and feet clean and they’re so particular about washing BETWEEN their toes….my kitty-niece is very diligent!

  2. Growing up with barn cats, it was always a spectacle to watch them come out of the darkness of the hayloft and into the morning light for their daily “baths.” Your post made me remember that, thank you.

    I love Sundae’s pink little toes 🙂


  3. great shots, beautiful kitty. my cousin used to bite her toe nails when we were young and this made me remember that awful fact. she was not as cute as your little kitty

  4. oh that is too cute!!! i love her pink pads.

  5. What adorable pictures of Sundae. I loved all the poses and the cute pink toes and she made sure they were clean. My son, when he was growing up always called it toe jam……Fond memories—-right

  6. occasional maintenance required ..

  7. Hi Dianna, cute pix of your kitty ! I love watching my Stormy, too, and think it’s so cute when she stretches and spreads her toes. We love her so much, but the cat hairs she leaves everywhere…not so much. lol I think the “toe boogs” is cute, we always called them toe jam, too, like Janet said. Have a great day.

  8. Our cats stay outside, but it’s interesting to watch them walk across the lawn, stop, and throw their back leg up and start cleaning themselves. They’re like little ninjas.

    Sundae is pretty!

  9. Aw, that brings back fond memories of my days with cats…before I had an allergic hubby. She’s beautiful, Dianna. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  10. Too cute!! I miss having a kitty in the house. Cats really seem to like to be clean don’t they.

  11. This is a cute post. I see my cats when they are cleaning away at themselves. Sometimes I wonder if the exorcist is in them for they can twist and turn that when I see them I’m like really that would be so easy for me to get an itch on my back when the hubs isn’t home. Your cats are cute.

    I love my kitts!!! (I have to call them kitts, cause if I called them my ‘kids’ my hubs would freak…so that’s the next best and closest thing.) :0)

  12. Toe Boogs? Very funny!

  13. This post made my day the first time I read it and now again today! Just makes me smile! Thanks for the inspiration Marshall! 🙂

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