Sail Away With Me

Last week, to celebrate Marshall’s birthday, he, Motor Man and I sailed on a tall ship. It was the Kalmar Nyckel, “the tall ship of Delaware”.

If you’d like to visit the web-site, here’s the link, where you’ll find this breath-taking photo.

photo courtesy of

The Kalmar Nyckel was in Yorktown, Virginia for the weekend, and since they offered a sail on Marshall’s birthday, it was perfect.

When we arrived at the Yorktown riverfront, she was waiting at the dock. What a beautiful ship.

There was a huge American flag on the stern. It seemed the perfect spot for a photo op.

Passengers were offered the opportunity to help with the ropes and sails. Marshall jumped at the chance.

And, although he was as careful as he could be, those ropes get moving pretty quickly, resulting in this:

I don’t think he really minded too much though. His “injuries” were a temporary souvenir of the trip.

The captain told us, after we returned to the dock, that the sailing conditions on this particular day were the kind that usually only occur about a half dozen days out of the year. It was great training for the crew, many of whom are volunteer. As passengers, we didn’t complain: our 2 1/2 hour sail lasted well over 3 hours.

And you know me: I’m gonna find a sunset.  This is the Coleman Bridge, which connects Yorktown and the Gloucester area.

The Kalmar Nyckel has a ship’s cat named Toolbox, so named because she was born in a toolbox during construction of the ship.  We didn’t see her until we docked at the end of our sail. I guess I not only find sunsets, but kitties, too.

In honor of his birthday, Marshall had his picture taken with Captain Lauren – yes, she’s the captain of the ship. And she knows her ship.

If you’re anywhere on the East Coast from New England to Virginia, and have the opportunity to sail on the Kalmar Nyckel, you won’t be disappointed.

Just be careful of those rope burns.

15 responses to “Sail Away With Me

  1. Wow!! What a gloriously fun adventure; I would so love to do that.. Fun post 🙂 Cheers MJ

  2. Now that looks like an awesome day! How exciting. I would love to do that one day. So glad you found your sunset and a new kitty friend.

  3. What fun! And I love the pictures! It looks like it was a fantastic day!

  4. First what a fantastic picture of you! Second I love that big US flag and third what FUN!!! Very cool you ended up being on a training mission of sorts! I would definitely wear those rope burns as a badge of honor! Great post.

  5. Ohh! love this! Will definately check out the website to see if/when the ship might be in our area!

  6. Thanks for my “second-hand” adventure. I did get a chance to go aboard “Old Ironsides” when I was in Boston. But never had a chance to sail!
    You always manage to find fun things for Marshall’s b’day. Remember Rosewell!!?

  7. oh that is COOL!!! something you definitely don’t get to do every day – unless you’re Captain Laura. 🙂

  8. Let me tell you: take this trip. And don’t feel bad if you sit out on the work; they can’t legally award lashes to tourgoers, anyway !!

  9. I was right there in April. We took pictures of t he ship. I don’t think I even realized you could sail on it! Looks like a fun time!

  10. What a wonderful birthday event! Who knows? Marshall may catch the sailing bug. Thank you for all the pictures. They do tell a wonderful story.

  11. Really great adventure for your family! Lovely pix as always!

  12. Beautiful photos! Ouch for rope burn though.

  13. What a great blog and great photos to go with the story!

  14. What a great experience, one that will surely be remembered for a lifetime. I was not surprised to see you found Toolbox. Love that name! I had no experience with the mechanics of sailing until an evening on the American Rover (Norfolk). It was worth the trip to watch them raising and lowering the sails. So happy to see Marshall having such a wonderful birthday.

  15. Hi! another awesome saga——————jj

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