Like A Good Neighbor…

Our neighbors plant a little garden near where our yards join and not far from where I take my sunset photos. They have just a couple plants each of squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and eggplant.

Last week they were on vacation, but before leaving, they invited me to pick whatever we’d like from the garden while they were gone.

So I went over several times with my basket.

We don’t eat zucchini or eggplant, and Motor Man doesn’t care for peppers, so I just picked a few squash, cucumbers and tomatoes.

And you can probably guess what time of day I chose to go gathering.

The neighbors’ view of the sunset looks remarkably like ours.

21 responses to “Like A Good Neighbor…

  1. They are good neighbors but why let the produce go bad….they absolutely did the right thing. And nothing you can buy at the store is as fresh as what you pick…and when produce is old, like cucumbers, they taste bitter!
    Great neighbor and it’s amazing that the sunset is like yours!! LOL!

  2. Loved the sunset picture. I have been enjoying fresh veggies from Libby’s garden.

  3. Beautiful second picture! Sunlight on the water, sand, green grass, slatted boards, woven basket, and Nature’s green, red and yellow inside.

  4. Remarkable! (ha ha!)
    Good neighbors, good sunset, good food!

  5. ooh, yummy! I marvel at the whole gardening thing. Love the basket on the dock with the setting sun…so lovely to share your piece (peace!) of the world with us!

  6. Nice neighbors. But (as June said) why let it go bad…and you’re the lucky recipient! Love the sunset picture…

  7. “Still Life with Sunset” … nice recipe …!

  8. Beautiful – both the sun and the fresh produce! What a nice neighborly thing to do 🙂

  9. I would love to have your final photo framed. A perfect shot. Enjoy the produce! The best thing about having a garden is in the sharing.

  10. permission to trespass…oooohhhh that is wonderful. that last shot is gorgeous…..something about it really made me smile. that’s a great basket & tomatoes already. i am trying to remember where you are!!!!

  11. You will have to make sure they get these pictures. They are beautiful!

  12. Next time go pick some of my herbs to go with vegies!

  13. Wonderful time of day to harvest the veggies. We had such high hopes of having fresh ones this summer; those hopes were “squashed” by the hot, dry weather. 🙂 Very thoughtful of the neighbors; maybe they’ll continue to share when they get home?

  14. Especially liked the last picture – with you basket of goodies and the sunset!

  15. Oh these pictures are just gorgeous!! I especially like the one of the sunset. Your photography skills are great!

  16. Yes, you have done it again…………….. What lovely pictures, sentiment and also the neighbors……………………..jj

  17. What a beautiful sunset! And wonderful looking veggies…you have a nice neighbor!

  18. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great shot of the sunset with the basket there. I wish I could have reached out for one of those tomatoes…………

  19. Fresh picked veggies and lovely serene sunset: I think you chose a perfect way to end the day. 🙂

  20. You created some great pictures, Dianna. What a lovely time of day. Who knew the neighbors had a sunset, too? Nice veggies you have there.

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