Mommy Deer-est

One morning last week, I opened our living room curtains and had to run for my camera. I apologize for the poor quality of this picture. I wish it were in better focus. But this fawn was so beautiful in the early morning light, I had to share.

I kept watching, and as he walked around our yard, I moved to another room to get more (and hopefully better) pictures.

We had seen two fawns in the yard recently, so I really wasn’t surprised to see the other one emerging from the marsh grass.  But I was thrilled to see Mama Deer with them. (She must have seen a dirty spot on his leg.)

Guess he’s presentable now.

You may recall a post I did a few months ago with photos of a crippled deer in our yard. Well, that’s Mama Deer! This next picture is difficult to look at; it’s also sad to see her walk. But she’s been around for a couple years, so evidently she’s doing okay.

And she’s obviously a good mommy. 

The End.

23 responses to “Mommy Deer-est

  1. Actually .. I loved the soft effects of the morning sun on the baby deer. It seems appropriate for one so little.


  2. I love the picture of both of them with the green marshes in the background. Nice family portrait. You did very well.

  3. Beautiful photos….I love to watch the deer when they pass through our yard – lots of “babies” this year although with the drought, not a lot to munch on. I’m sure they like all that marsh grass you have around your yard. Here they eat my sunflower seed from the bird feeders and LOVE my impatiens! Deer are so photogenic and graceful.


  4. such lovely shots ~ and I agree…love the soft morning light!

  5. Gorgeous pictures. Love the fawns and their mother. She is so protective. That must have been their uncle who came to visit on Poker Run Day!

  6. It’s always a treat to see deer and you’re so lucky that they like to munch on your marsh grass. Maybe not so lucky that they probably like munching on your flowers!!

  7. oh, what a precious sight! glad sweet mamma dear is okay!

  8. What a wonderful thing to see!

  9. Love it! We get deer on our property, but rarely see them in our yard. When we do, it’s a real treat. Thanks for sharing your experience. Such a cute mother and baby!

  10. Great pictures of our little neighbors!

  11. Awww! Two babies with Mom is a treat! Even though you took it in a rush, the first shot is beautifully composed with the flower in the foreground.

  12. The first picture looks like a painting to me. Love the light on the fawn.
    They are all beautiful, the deer & the photos.

  13. Dove families in the front, and deer families out back … with swans and geese sailing through sometimes, too .. Wild Kingdom!

  14. You have the most pleasant stories. I love each and everyone..jj

  15. I know Marshall, it’s like Wild Animal Park!

  16. Such a precious post! You really deserve to be freshly pressed for this one!

  17. I rarely see a fawn but just this morning there were deer across the yard from the front yard. I could see the antlers on one so he’d better find a hiding place since people will soon be on the lookout for him. Sad —

  18. What a treat and a true gift of serendipity – unexpected & lovely.

    We have kangaroos hopping into our yard and it’s always a thrill so I can imagine your delight when you saw this little family of deer.

    I’ve named the kangaroo family as they visit in different combinations.
    Dad is Vincent.
    Mum, Violet and baby is Velvet.
    Looking at your own special family I’m thinking that the little baby looks a bit like a Velvet too.

    Happy day!

    xx Felicity

  19. PS: I thought you might like to see the kangaroo family – here is the link:

    xx F

  20. Beautiful Dianne! Love seeing the little ones when they still have their spots. 🙂

  21. Oh they are so adorable!! How awesome that you captured such great pictures of them!!

  22. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love deer and as always this was a great blog.

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