Golden Hour

Last Wednesday evening was a busy place around the ol’ homestead during  “Golden Hour”. That’s a term I recently learned from my blogging friend, Dee, over at The View Out Here.  Last month, Dee featured some gorgeous photos she had taken during Golden Hour.  Click here to view that post.

Golden Hour, sometimes called Magic Hour, describes the time (not strictly an hour) just before or after sunrise or sunset.  I’d never thought about it before Dee’s post, but the photos taken during that time have a special lighting you don’t get at any other time of day. 

On Wednesday, our resident ducks were visiting during Golden Hour. I love how the setting sun softens the brown of their feathers.

They were soon joined by Groom Swan, who was probably afraid they’d eat all the bread.

He always seems to forget that it’s difficult for him to eat while he’s on land, so I walked him back to the water. When I see this picture, I can’t help but think of the children’s poem, Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Groom Swan then re-joined his duck buddies, they shared an evening meal and went for a swim.

With the bread all gone, it was time to relax and enjoy the sunset.

I’m so glad Dee taught me about Golden Hour, especially since it happens during my favorite time(s) of day.

23 responses to “Golden Hour

  1. Wonderful photos as always Dianna….We love golden/magic hour around here too. I have two of my sunset photos from our backyard on my website and they’ve always been popular with my notecard buyers. There’s truly something magical about sunrises and sunsets as you WELL know!

  2. Each picture has golden tones in them. It is the golden hour. I think you have captured it beautifully.

  3. These are lovely pictures. You have captured the light well, looks sort of peaceful and calming. Especially love the last one with the groom swan by himself on the river. Lovely!!!

  4. Me again, do you remember you asked me what the lump in the sea was in my fishing village post? Well, I sent you an email only to discover you don’t get them. Sorry about that. Well it was called ‘Ailsa Craig’. Hope you don’t think I was being rude and not answering you. Lol. Did your son manage to google earth it?

  5. I LOVE the light at that time of day ~ especially in the summer…cause I think it lasts longer! Covered bridges are about 2.5 hours north of us in NH!

  6. i adore that photo of you and groom swan. you are such a dear! 🙂

  7. That’s always been my favorite time of time too though I’ve never heard it referred to as “the golden hour”. Love that!

  8. Even though our view isn’t as spectacular as yours, we spend our “golden hours” out on our porch, enjoying all the colors of our sunrise/sunsets. Love the picture of you and your groom swan.

  9. Finally got a chance to see your blog…not having internet makes me feel as if I’m cut off from the world. AND no cell phone. Irene is still making her presence knowns….beautiful pictures, as always!

  10. Great name for great times of the day! Great pics, too! Groom Swan is so cool ….

  11. You live in such an enchanting place. Golden hour sounds delightful. 🙂

  12. Beautiful photos!! One would never suspect an Irene just passed through! I’m always amazed at the way Groom Swan gets so close to you; almost like a puppy. Is he ever aggressive?

  13. The photos are all beautiful, Dianna. I’ve never heard it call the golden hour, but it has always been my favorite time of the day. But it goes by so quickly!

  14. I love your Golden Hour/Magic Hour shots. I’m glad I don’t have to pick a favorite! (I’m partial to Mary Had A Little Lamb – very funny. How bout… “Motor Mommy Had a Swan…”? 🙂

  15. Your last two pictures are absolutely lovely with the reflection of the groom swan. Something about the grown up swans kid of scares me when they get close!

  16. I remember coming back from Mom and Dad’s in Smithfield and coming across the JR bridge (JR’s bridge…new owner) seeing the golden windows in the Windward Towers. Always beautiful. Thanks for the reminder of the “golden hour”.

  17. I love the “golden hour”… can’t wait until I get some free time and take advantage of it myself. Love the photos as always. 🙂 Glad you guys made it out of the storm ok. I’ve been following your posts via e-mail at work each morning but haven’t been online at home enough to respond. Glad your power is back on. My brother in law who works for a local power company has been up your way helping to restore power. I think they moved out of VA now and are in some other area but not expected back for a while still. I can’t imagine being without power… I just think of all my frozen fish and deer meat in the freezer and cannot fathom the smell of rotten meat and fish, lol. It’s the small things that make you appreciate how blessed you are at times.

  18. The lighting is so perfect, Dianna. I love the picture of you and your groom. 🙂

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What wonderful pictures. Lovely time of the day no matter what we call it.

  20. Beautiful photos and story to match, Dianna!

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