Sunset Over The James

Newport News is the closest big city to us, and is separated from our county by the James River. We travel the 4 1/2-mile James River Bridge several times a week; most of our doctors are on “that side of the water”,  and there are many more restaurant choices and more shopping options in Newport News.

Last Wednesday, as we were returning home from dinner, the clouds were putting on quite a show for us. Motor Man took a little detour to a park near the bridge, so I could take pictures.

There was a storm “brewing” on our side of the river.  I’m not sure exactly what species of bird this is on the jetty (I’m thinking cormorant), but he had a front row seat. 

The setting sun was reflecting off the storm clouds.  That’s the  James River Bridge on the left. The structure just about in the center of the picture is the bridge’s draw span.

So even though these aren’t actually sunset pictures, the sun WAS setting just up the river…..behind the storm clouds.

20 responses to “Sunset Over The James

  1. Absolutely beautiful. There are always beautiful views from the bridge and surrounding areas.

  2. It’s so nice of Motor Man to be a good sport about pulling over for you to snap the lovely shots you share with us. Another great one.

  3. Oh I like these…..that pinkish/pale yellow certainly hints at the sunset beyond. Also like the cormorant shots as he enjoys the peaceful time at the end of his day. Nice photos Dianna (as always!).

    Pam (and Sam)

  4. These are lovely! They look like paintings!

  5. Stormy sunsets over the James are just as lovely as the serene ones over the Pagan.

  6. Newport News…what an interesting name. I remember in high school when we lived near the Cape in FL, we lived on the Banana River and took causeways to nearby Merritt Island and Cocoa to get to the nearest airport in Orlando over an hour away. Lovely pinks in these sunsets.

  7. lovely pictures of a different area. i’ve always thought newport news was such a weird name for a place. 🙂

  8. Love these ~ and learning about your area. What is it about clouds, sky, water and light…an infinate number of combinations of these elements so that we never tire of looking, dreaming, admiring!

  9. Please thank MM for stopping 🙂 MJ

  10. Dianna that is an impressive bank of clouds! I am glad Motor Man took a photography detour.

  11. Lovely pictures you have there. Those clouds are awesome, It was good of motor man to stop for you, he must know automcatically now that he has to stop for your sunset pictures lol.

  12. The Sun may not be visible here, but this is still a worthy lineup in the Sunset collection!

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I have gotton so I love the beauty of the clouds. Sometimes they even seem to draw pictures for us. Lovely pics Dianna.

  14. Lovely. I think the bird was enjoying his command.

  15. Stopped by after a visit to Pix’s blog. I have been to Newport News once and it was so pretty it hurt my eyes.

  16. The clouds and scenery are lovely. 🙂

  17. I love all your sunset photos, Dianna. Keep ’em coming! These photos were definitely worth pulling over for. Thanks, Motor Man!

  18. Clouds and rays of sunshine always make for a great picture. I think I got my hubby trained to stop for photo-ops on vacation. 🙂

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