Halloween Haunts: Bacon’s Castle

A few years ago, in time for Halloween, our local PBS station, WHRO, planned a series of video vignettes about supposedly haunted places in the Hampton Roads area. 

The folks from WHRO visited Bacon’s Castle and decided that a video about the “Castle Light” would be part of the series.  The video would be just a few minutes in length, and would air with other videos in one of two thirty-minute shows.

Guess who they chose to play the male lead?


I was proud of him for taking part in this. He made several friends at the tv station and learned a bit about the “film business”.  (Although the Castle Light wasn’t depicted in the video quite as we had always heard it described.) Prior to Halloween Haunts airing on tv, Marshall was invited to a private showing and reception at the WHRO studios in Norfolk. Motor Man and I went as his guests.

Of all the stories, pictures and events involving my family and Bacon’s Castle, the two most special, by far, are my wedding to Motor Man that took place there, and Marshall appearing in this video.

Here’s the link to Halloween Haunts-Bacon’s Castle.


20 responses to “Halloween Haunts: Bacon’s Castle

  1. Two memorable events BUT you should have included your portrayal of Grandma and last year’s Castle tour! I think that was pretty unforgettable, too!

  2. Loved this one and Marshall’s portrayal…. perfect for Halloween today!! MJ

  3. Loved the video. Marshall was a natural.

  4. Very well done, Marshall! Nice slacks!

  5. What an awesome thing – not just having the Castle as part of the series but having Marshall be a *STAR* !

    Pam (and Sam) – and Happy Halloween!!

  6. This was fantastic. Marshall is a born star!

  7. How wonderful Marshall could connect to his family history. The ownership he demonstrates in participating seals the family deal with a lovely old fashioned wax seal on the envelope. What wonderful opportunities we have today to share…blogging, video. I certainly enjoyed this post.

  8. Enjoyed the video ~ had to look back through your blog to see if there were wedding pics! Found them! What an amazing place to be married! I’ve loved every minute of your “history” week!!

  9. oh, also meant to say that the picture of the field looks like English countryside…at least the way I’ve seen it depicted in movies and such. Very nice shot!

  10. Great video to view on Halloween! Marshall played his part so well! That would make a great post, too. I’d love to hear Marshall’s story on the filming of this video!

  11. Wow!! A star is born!! It’s nice you have such a connection to the castle!

  12. That is just awesome…in every way! Good job Marshall…and such perfect post for today.
    Happy Halloween!

  13. It was definitely another one of those things to add to the list of Castle experiences! I had gotten my clothes on, we filmed some, and then decided it was time for lunch. I rode to town with the director to show her where McDonald’s was, and when she told me I had to go inside to grab the food, I just laughed. Not a chance …

  14. Marshall, that handsome devil, did a wonderful job in his role. This was fun to watch!

  15. I nominate Marshall for an Oscar! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The video was wonderful!! How special it was to have Marshall in.

  17. Marshall really fit right in with that period piece. What a great addition to your special memories to have. Both you most special men and memories of Bacon Castle are true treasures . 🙂

    P.S. I thought there should be a tale behind the candle in the window. How sad the legend has such a dreadful ending. 😦

  18. Awesome! Marshall did a great job. What a neat experience for him.

  19. It’s so nice that Marshall feels a connection to the castle. I can almost see you handing down to him the love and respect for your heritage and it is a lovely thing! Well done to you both!

  20. I had to come back and comment…I loved this post-the video was a surprise treat!

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