Daily Archives: November 4, 2011

Autumn Train

Last Saturday morning, Motor Man and I headed out early with our friends, Bev and Bill, to West Virginia. We had learned of two train rides that we hadn’t yet experienced, and hoped our visit would coincide with a pretty fall foliage weekend.

Umm…Houston, we have a problem.

Near Waynesboro, Virginia, we ran into a rare (for that area) October snow storm.

Although the scenery didn’t include much fall foliage, we did see some beautiful sights along the way.


After about a 6-hour drive, we eventually made it to Durbin, West Virginia, where we boarded the Durbin Rocket. The steam engine was a smaller one than on our previous rides.

The light snowfall made for some pretty scenery during the train ride.

See the caboose at the end of the track? That’s called the “Castaway Caboose”. It was dropped off the day before, and some adventurous, brave foolish folks had spent the night there.  Perhaps I don’t understand the appeal of seclusion, but keep in mind that there is absolutely no cell phone service here. That’s enough to make me say “thanks, but no thanks”.  (They do provide you with a load of firewood for your overnight stay.)

I’d rather be riding that train back to civilization.

Oh, and by the way, we DID see some fall foliage along  the way.