Daily Archives: November 5, 2011

The Covered Bridge At Philippi

While we were in a West Virginia gift shop last weekend, Bev noticed a postcard for the Covered Bridge at Philippi.  We did some research (thank you, Mapquest) and discovered that Philippi was only about 30 miles from the hotel where we were staying.

So Sunday morning, in the fog (more about that tomorrow), we headed to Philippi, and there it was!

Since Motor Man was the front seat passenger, he took pictures as we drove across/through the bridge.

We learned that the Philippi covered bridge was built in 1852 and was used by both armies during the Civil War. AND it’s the only two-lane covered bridge in the federal highway system.

Although I was excited to see the bridge, I was also thrilled at the view that morning of the Tygart Valley River in the early morning fog.

While the others were checking out the covered bridge, I was busy taking pictures of the river below it.

Discovering this beautiful old bridge was a pleasant surprise. And seeing it on a morning such as this just added to its charm.