Daily Archives: November 22, 2011

Visit The Hermitage

Today, for Tricia’s Barn Charm, I’m sharing a picture of another barn we saw while on our Fall Foliage trip to West Virginia last year.   This one was also near Green Bank, West Va.

It’s interesting that barns were sometimes used as “billboards” back in the day. This barn and the surrounding property seem to be taken care of rather well. But I’m glad the owner hasn’t painted over the advertisement for “The Hermitage”.

I think I can make out the word “restaurant” below The Hermitage. After doing some online research, I found there’s a Hermitage Motor Inn and Restaurant located in Petersburg, West Virginia  – about 75 miles from Green Bank. It was built in the 1840’s, and, according to the web-site, it’s currently for sale. (Price reduced, in case you’re interested.)

Whether this barn was encouraging folks to visit that particular restaurant or some other attraction by that name, we thought it was a rustic reminder of yesteryear.