Daily Archives: November 19, 2011

Memories In The Morning Sun

It’s Saturday, but I’m not sharing colorful sunrise photos today. Instead, I’m writing about memories of early mornings when I was a child.

This house was my home until I was 24 years old. Notice the sun shining on the front porch?

Being a child who hated going to school, some of my fondest memories are of summer mornings spent playing on that front porch in the sun. I’m sure Barbie dolls were involved. And most certainly, a cat or two. Midnight, Lace and Muffin come to mind.

A porch swing, made by my dad,  hung just to the left of the double windows. (I still have that swing, stored in my garage.) Behind those was the den, or the “sitting room”, as we called it. The single window on the opposite side of the porch was to the living room; it was closed off in the winter to conserve heat. But the entire house was opened up in the summer.

Quite a bit of work has been done on the house in recent years. The screen door of my childhood has been replaced by a storm door. Although we were reminded not to, I have to wonder how many times that old screen door was slammed by us children as we ran out to play and then back in again.

Now there’s a house number on the center column. Years ago, that wasn’t the case – just an address of RFD 1, Box 108.

I seldom pass by this house that I don’t remember those summer mornings. A few weeks ago when Marshall and I went to capture the golden light of sunrise at Bacon’s Castle,  the sun was shining on the porch as we drove by. I stopped, and Marshall took this photo for me.

I wanted a picture to go with the memories.