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October Snow Barn Charm

Last weekend, Motor Man and I took an overnight trip to West Virginia with friends. We went on a couple of train rides; you’ll probably read more about that in a few days.

But, since today is Tuesday, I wanted to participate in Tricia’s Barn Charm. I took photos of lots of barns on our trip.  I just had one problem: I couldn’t choose just ONE barn picture to share. So I’m sharing four. 

This first barn was somewhere near the Harrisonburg area of Virginia. It was snowing heavily there as we passed  through on Saturday morning.  I love the little fence-lined lane (road?) beside the barn.

Snow on the roof of this cinder block barn. And a lone cow. 

It’s pretty obvious in this next picture that this was a snowy day in autumn. There’s just a little orange remaining on the trees to the right. And on the left, the snow on the tree branches almost looks like cotton balls.

My last photo, just like the others, was taken from the car as we were driving down the highway, thus the blurred tree in the foreground.  The afternoon sun was shining on a little fall foliage up in the mountains.  

So how about you? Are you able to choose a favorite from these snowy autumn barn photos?

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