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Thanksgivings – Out In The Country

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. This week, all of Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop prompts feature Thanksgiving themes. How appropriate!

I  am actually including two of those prompts in this post.

The first part of my post is written about this prompt:
3.) A favorite Thanksgiving memory.

Every memory I have of Thanksgiving during my childhood focuses on my sister, June’s house. My mom and I had our Thanksgiving meal with them every year.  June and her family lived in a big old house about 10 miles from us out in the country.  This picture was taken by their daughter, Barb, many years after they moved from there.

While my mom and June were busy preparing the meal, I, along with my nieces and nephews, would watch the Thanksgiving Day parades. When the parade coverage ended, June’s husband, Ed, would take all us children (their four and me) – weather permitting – out for a walk in the fields or the woods.

It seemed to take forever for that turkey to finish cooking. But once it was done, that meal was worth the wait. We always had dressing, cranberry sauce, candied yams, and rolls with the turkey. And June’s pecan pie for dessert. There were eight of us crowded around a kitchen table that was probably meant for six.  But I only have good memories of those Thanksgiving Days. Thanks, June.

Now for the second prompt and the second part of my post:
2.) What traditions do you carry on with your family each year?

In recent years, Motor Man and I have invited Marshall to our house for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. After breakfast, although neither of them was ever a part of those Thanksgiving days at June’s house, the three of us take a ride. Out in the country.

The house is no longer there; it was vacant for many years and burned mysteriously several years ago.

But the memories are still there. And now, because of those memories, a ride out in the country has become part of our Thanksgiving day tradition. Thanks, Motor Man and Marshall.

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