Daily Archives: November 16, 2011

**th Class Reunion

This year brought one of those “monumental” anniversaries of my high school graduation.  Since we hadn’t gotten together as a class since our tenth reunion, a couple of us decided to plan a gathering to mark this occasion.

I’m guessing that somewhere in this post, I’ll slip and say which class reunion this was. Maybe.

There were 23 in my graduating class, and I contacted all but two of our classmates. Ten were able to attend the reunion Saturday evening.  We met for dinner at a local restaurant, and then everyone came to our house to spend more time visiting.

We looked over old yearbooks.

We had a few laughs.

Motor Man chatted with my classmates.

Sundae supervised every game of pool that was played. (And miraculously wasn’t stepped on once.)

By the way, the guy playing pool in that picture? His name is Dan, and he was my date for the senior prom. He was a year older than me and had already graduated. But we had grown up riding the same school bus and attending the same church, so he agreed to be my date for the prom.

Yes, folks, those were the days of bouffant hair-dos and wrist corsages for special occasions.

Dan went on to marry Diane, one of my classmates. While were were looking at yearbooks Saturday night, I brought out this old prom photo, and we decided to re-enact it (minus the hairdo and corsage). But, this time, we included Dan’s wife. And, as you can see, there’s Sundae, not missing a thing.

Oddly enough, the boys in our class always sat on one side of the room, and the girls sat on the other; even in our senior home room class. We re-enacted that too.

And then we ate cake.

Oops. Told you I’d slip.