Daily Archives: November 27, 2011

Quick, Detour To The Park!

Last Thursday, Motor Man and I made the decision to go out to dinner. (It’s true, we don’t eat at home often.)

We were driving across the James River Bridge and saw an amazing sunset taking place behind us.  Thankfully, there’s a park just on the other side of the river, so Motor Man, being the wonderful hubby he is, pulled into the park.

This gull wasn’t planning to leave.

He stood his ground piling until I was within a couple of feet of him. Maybe he was there for the sunset, too?

Within a few minutes, the colors of the sky changed dramatically.

The sun’s reflection highlighted those few little wispy clouds just before it set.

Our stop at the park took less than 10 minutes. We decided that it was a worthwhile detour.

Although a certain sea gull was a bit perturbed.