This is the prompt I chose today for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop:

1.) Have you decorated your Christmas tree? Share a favorite Christmas ornament.

This little bell ornament was a part of Christmas in my family long before I was born. Mama told me that it was one of the first ornaments she and my daddy had when they were married. (I placed Mama’s wedding ring inside the box, to give you an idea of the size of the bell.)

Although the bell looks as though it’s made of tin or aluminum, I’m certain that isn’t the case. It just has “fragile” written all over it.

My parents were married during the Depression. I’m sure Christmas for them, as a young couple, was a much less hectic holiday than it is for us. This little bell is a symbol of a much simpler time.

Believe me, in years past, when I’ve placed it on the tree, I’ve  practically tied it to the branch.  This year, I’m debating.  I may just leave it safe within this little box. Marked “fragile”.

Mama’s Losin’ It

31 responses to “Fragile

  1. What a sweet ornament along with an equally sweet story. I imagine with Sundae around, you probably should keep that very special and fragile bell in its cozy little box – at least this year!

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. I remember that little bell. Most of the ornaments I remember from growing up were GLASS! Things I’m sure you’d never find today.

  3. Thank you for putting the ring next to it for perspective .. it really does help “tell the tale.”

    Those old ornaments are so fragile, like paper really … but … maybe you put it up high and tied securely so you can still see it and let it’s image take you back to Christmases past?


  4. Symbol of a simpler time. I like that. I still have a few ornaments from my childhood, but none from my parents or grandparents ~ that’s just so special!

  5. What sweet memories and a precious fragile ornament. It sure is a tiny thing. I think I’d probably buy it a velvet lined case and display it on a shelf and not chance anything happening to it.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas season. 🙂

  6. Dianna it is a sweet little ornament. I think I’d just have to hang it on the tree! High up maybe. Is Sundae all crazy with the tree?

  7. Love this story. My favorite tree decorations are the old ones from my childhood. There are only a couple of them, and I hope to keep them “in one piece”, for many years to come!

  8. Maybe you can have a framing place create a shadow box exactly the way it is. In a frame and under glass, it will be safe. I love this! What inspiration you have.

  9. How precious. I would have to hang it high on the tree away from Sundae and look at it each and every day during the holiday season. Then maybe put it in a shadow box frame for year round enjoyment. Beautiful story.

  10. Priceless. You’ve got some good ideas from others on how to display it. I also love it with your mother’s wedding ring.

  11. How sweet to still have that special ornament! I was thinking the same as Doris about putting it in a shadow box with maybe some other treasures and photos of your parents.
    How is Sundae with the Christmas tree? My Stormy started climbing ours before it was decorated and I got out the spray bottle. She hasn’t bothered it since!

  12. I love the fact that this little ornament has survived so many years! You obviously handle with love. What a nice link to your family roots and memories. I find that some of my strongest memory links come from items that would be insignificant to others and have little monetary value. But I see the people and stories behind the actual item, just as you do with this ornament. Thank you for sharing! ~ Sheila

  13. so tiny! and precious!

  14. How sweet that you still have the ornament that needs to go on the tree! I’m afraid I don’t have fond memories of decorating the Xmas tree as a child. Santa did it the night before Xmas and then when I was old enough to help and my sisters still “believed”, I realized it was a war zone. My parents would always fight over how it got decorated. One year we had two so they could each do it their own way. I learned to stay clear! I’ve always let my boys help to decorate the tree and put the ornaments wherever they liked. We broke my families tradition!

  15. Stopping by from Mama Kat’s…
    Reminds me of an old ornament that my wife’s parents had. I’m not sure if we inherited it, or if it goes on the tree (being as fragile as it is). It is great to know that people have traditional ornaments that make it to the tree year after year.

  16. I love that you still have the ornament. I wish I had sentimental things passed down to me that I could continue a tradition of passing down. Who know, maybe it should just start w/me.

  17. Oh how very special the little bell is! Maybe you could use it again this year with extra precaution. I don’t have many things special to put on my tree, except the angel for the top which my daughter made many years ago. She’s looking rather ragged but she goes up every year anyway.

  18. I remember this well, and it’s certainly one of those things that should be on display .. but since it is so fragile, I think readers here would understand if it stayed safe in it’s box .. 😉 up to you !

  19. I, also had a tiny ball about the size of a marble which could have come from the same place and I think mine got thrown out with the tree. Sad, but yours is lovely…..

  20. I chose the same prompt and my ornament was my Grandparents very first ornament as a married couple as well. ((Probably from the same time period.)) Beautiful memories and beautiful ornament. 🙂

  21. I agree with some others – display it in a shadow box with other memorabilia (or by itself). Such a lovely memory; it deserves to be shared and protected.

  22. I like the shadowbox idea, too. It’s lovely, and you should get to see it every day.

  23. So precious and a lovely story to it. I have a few of those fragile ornaments too – some were my parents’ and one was my grandmother’s. I don’t hang them on the tree because I’m afraid they would get broken, so they are lovingly packed in secure little boxes in the Christmas crates.

  24. Keep using that ornament (carefully). And your parents look kind and sweet.

  25. I have this theory. Any memory is made 27% sweeter if it can be associated with Christmas. I think it has something to do with Christmas being in the winter when it’s so much colder and families spend more time together indoors. Or maybe that’s why we get sick more often in the winter. It’s definitely one of those two things.

  26. Follow your instincts…it is a priceless treasure!

  27. Lovely sentiments and pictures, Dianna. What a sweet little bell ornament. Think how long it’s lasted!

  28. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a sweet story, that bell is pricless.

  29. It reminds me of A Wonderful Life – every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.

  30. This post is about so much more than a favorite ornament. I love it!

  31. Oh, I love the history of it. It just reminds me of the things that are most important in life. Thanks for sharing!!

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