Sundae Says…I’m Noteworthy

Happy Wednesday! It’s Sundae-girl with a post about friendship.

You’re probably wondering what that has to do with the title of today’s post. Well, here’s the story.

Do you remember Motor Mommy writing about her friend, Pam? Miss Pam’s handsome ginger cat, Sam, writes the blog One Spoiled Cat. (He’s also my boykittyfriend.) Miss Pam and Motor Mommy have become really good friends. They e-mail each other everyday. A few weeks ago, Motor Mommy and Motor Man met Miss Pam and her husband, Dave, to go antiquing and have lunch. Remember, that’s the “trip that keeps on giving” ?

Yesterday, Motor Mommy received a package in the mail from Miss Pam. Inside was a pre-birthday present for Mom. It was a set of note cards – six of them. And I wanted to share them with you.

Miss Pam made note cards using pictures from some of my previous blog posts.

And she included clever little captions on each one.

Miss Pam is so very talented. She’s an artist and an author too.

But most of all,

She’s a great friend.

And THAT, as we all know, is especially noteworthy.

Mom says thanks, Miss Pam!


24 responses to “Sundae Says…I’m Noteworthy

  1. Oh Sundae I’m so happy that you like your notecards! I wanted to make you and your Motor Mom smile…’re such a pretty kitty (just ask Sam!) and make a lovely subject for photographing (just ask Motor Mom!)….and it was a fun little project for a surprise. Friendship is a wonderful thing…I’m so happy we’re all friends. It makes me smile REAL BIG!

    Human Hugs from “Miss Pam” and Kitty Hugs from Sam

  2. What a photogenic baby. I’m glad she has broken into the modeling industry.

  3. What a wonderful gift! Note cards are so special when they are your very own photographs…and Sundae, you are a very beautiful lady! You and Sammy are very special cats!

  4. Aww … what a sweet gesture from a very thoughtful friend 🙂 I can tell you would be just as wonderful of a friend to her. What a treasure.

    Sundae needs an agent 🙂 MJ

  5. What a wonderful pre-birthday gift! And, Sundae is right…Pam is a fantastic talent!

  6. Such a very original and thoughtful gift. Now that’s just perfect….or is it purr-fect?

  7. Your Motor Mom sure is a nice lady. I think that’s why her frined made those very special cards for her. You take a really good photo. Are you a model??? I could have been in my younger days. Hey – drop on by and read about my sad beginnings. I’ve been real happy ever since my Mom saved me. Have a yarn-filled day …. Marshmellow

  8. Oh, what a special gift. The pictures and the captions are puurfect!

  9. Such a wonderful, special gift! The cards are just lovely. I’m sure you’re an equally good friend to Pam.

  10. AMAZING!!! Perfect!! What a great treat to get in the mail!!!!

  11. purrrrty cute there. Lovely note cards.

  12. How beautifully nice is that?!
    Great idea Pam and so thoughtful too!

  13. these are too cute!!! what a great gift!

  14. What a wonderful gift! Love them all!

  15. Great pre-birthday gift! She picked some great photos and captions, & I believe Sundae just knows what to do when the camera’s clickin’!

  16. These are so sweet! You’ve made it in the big world, Sundae!

  17. So cute!! That’s just a perfect birthday gift.

  18. that is the BEST birthday present EVER!! The cards are too special to send! We are also friends of Pam’s and are blessed to know her. She is truly a special woman and we adore her! That is the most thoughtful and beautiful gift, EVER!!

  19. What an amazing and thoughtful gift! Love every single one of those cards. Way to go Sundae for becoming a cat internet sensation!

  20. lol I love it. What a wonderful cat Spoiledcat must be. Sundae is a beautiful subject for the fun and cheery cards. They’re such a special Happy pre-birthday wonderful present. 🙂

  21. Those are adorable! So creative and so clever. What a lovely gift and what a lovely friend. Happy pre-birthday, Dianna! Mine’s coming up soon too! (Another thing in common?)

  22. itsallaboutpurple

    what a nice gift and a great friend!!

  23. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing Pam’s thoughtfulness with us, Sundae. 🙂

  24. This is one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever seen! What a great friend! Sundae, you tell Mom she is one lucky lady!

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