Barn (C)harm

This barn is located in a rural area just outside of Smithfield, although I think it’s within the town limits. I took this picture last year, in early summer, when the winter wheat was almost ready for harvest. Somehow this one never made it into a Barn Charm post.

Apparently a few days ago, one of our spring storms demolished the little attached shed.

Thanks, Marshall, for the title for today’s post.

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22 responses to “Barn (C)harm

  1. Uh oh….looks like the storm pulling down that shed exposed some unpainted space! Better get out those brushes!

    Pam and Sam

  2. clever title! took me a few minutes to understand lol…coffee still not kicking in i guess!

  3. Ouch! I was wondering if there was any damage around your area! We were lucky – just rain.

  4. It’s a shame the shed was destroyed. Obviously, the barn is sturdier.

  5. The big bad wolf said, “I’ll huff, and I”ll puff, and I’ll blow your little attached shed down…”

  6. It’s always nice to find a great barn shot in your archives. Hate to see the damage done to this one! I love your title!

  7. ha ha on the title. 🙂 i like the matching roofs of the 2 structures.

  8. Clever title! Nice barn, too bad about the storm taking out the shed, tho!

  9. The shed looks just like it had its legs knocked out from under it. I really like the first view of it…

  10. The title certainly corresponds, doesn’t it! At least the main barn is still standing, altho there may be damage to it that we can’t see… hope they fix it!

    Thank you tons & tons for joining =)

  11. You even know what is growing! I’ve been a city girl too long.

  12. Hate to see barn harm, or harm to any structure, but it’s good you had pictures of it before it took this damage! Like the title 😉

  13. This looks like a real “working” barn! Very nice!

  14. Oh I love the beautiful barn… so sad the little shed was destroyed… the countryside looks gorgeous…you must live in a most beautiful place… xoxo Julie Marie

  15. Oh gosh, that must have been some storm! That winter wheat is beautiful!

  16. Neat to see the shot before the shed came down. I think I like it better without the shed, if it’s painted.

  17. Marshall is witty indeed. Love the wheat. I can just imagine large swaths of it on a mantle for Thanksgiving.

  18. itsallaboutpurple

    oooohhhh i just love the title, it is very clever indeed!! sad to see the small mishap….interesting that you now have a before and after.

    it’s a pretty place!!

  19. Great title! Go Marshall. What a son to help you 😉

  20. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I loved the first picture with the wheat in front of the barm. Sorry about the attachment, we never know what these spring and summer storms wll bring.

  21. Now that’s a barn! Looks huge! A little smaller now, I guess…~ Sheila

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