Wordless Wednesday – Summer Storm

(June 22, 2012)

Linking up to Wordless Wednesday Again.

21 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Summer Storm

  1. Storm out in the water – sunny deck – nice combination!!

    Pam and Sam

  2. I bet this was from your deck! Love the view…nice shot! Thanks for joining this week! I appreciate your support and always enjoy your photos.

  3. Loved this shot of the storm moving in while you’re still in the sunshine!

  4. I never tire of this view. Beautiful.

  5. Good capture! Is that your view from your house?

  6. Nice view….I love to sit n watch the summer storms move in!!!

  7. Mmmmmmmmmmm, very pretty scene. Wishing we had skies like that around here…once again, Texas [at least our part of the state] is in a drought…two years now.

  8. I love to watch the storms come up the river…except for the hurricanes!

  9. nice, dark sky.

  10. Rolling on through! I like the flowers in the foreground!

  11. Beautiful! Wish you could send that here to Colorado….

  12. If that was the other evening, it went through in a hurry!

  13. That definitely is a stormy sky – nice to sit and watch while you can.

  14. When we lived in the Pacific Northwest, I loved watching a storm come in across the oceanfront. Neat picture!

  15. It looks like a dream I had last night. I saw a storm in the distance and then it started raining. I love storms but in my dream I couldn’t find shelter.

  16. Amazing how you caught the light and the darkness….it’s like we’re there! Beautiful!

  17. Beautiful beautiful view! That is some dramatic sky.

  18. Batten down the hatches! You’re right if we can believe that sky. Summer storms are always exciting so long as they don’t do a lot of damage.

  19. Nice shot of the coming storm. I’d love to see a sky like that here! It’s so very hot (106 tomorrow!) and dry.

  20. Looks ominous! Good day to be indoors! ~ Sheila

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another VA summer storm. Great shot.

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