Blue Barn Charm

This old barn is located near Isle of Wight, Virginia, about 15 miles from us. It’s close enough to the highway that I could take these pictures without Motor Man pulling over.

Here’s a rear view. I don’t recall ever seeing a blue barn before.  It’s painted the same color as the nearby house.

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23 responses to “Blue Barn Charm

  1. Oh I quite like the blue barn with the “complimentary” red doors……I’ve never seen a “sky colored” barn before either……nice!

    Pam and Sam

  2. Must have had paint left over! Nice shade of blue though – and I like that design of the barn. We have quite a few of that type in our area.

  3. Very spesial and nice barn, you cant fint somting like that in Norway!
    Have a nice day!
    From Photo by Ingun

  4. A blue barn is a little unusual…left over paint from the house is probably right…at least, they match!!

  5. i’m use to blue homes but barns not to much. great find. (:

  6. Love the doors! We have some blue barns and we have a huge horse farm on our way to the kinda Big City that is all blue with black fencing. It is a little sad looking but blue. You have a charming barn there Dianna and it looks like it is in use!

  7. they must have had a big sale on blue paint!

  8. I kinda like the color…it matches the beautiful blue sky!

  9. cute little thing.

  10. What a sweet looking barn. It’s quite charming that it matches the house and sky. Neat! 🙂

  11. Here in MI I haven’t seen a blue barn usually it is red. Great find for barn charm. Thanks for sharing.


  12. A barn of a different color?? You’ve stumped me here; can’t say I ever remember seeing this one before !

  13. This is a cute little blue barn! It’s fun to see all the different shapes and color barns all over the country.

  14. What a cute little barn! I haven’t seen many blue barns either!

  15. It is a wonderful little blue barn!

  16. I love the blue color! Who says your barn has to be red!

  17. Now this blue makes it a very charming barn! Unusual for sure!

  18. That is definitely an unusual color for a barn!

  19. I’ve always loved barns. When I was growing up, every summer we drove from our home in Connecticut to visit my grandparents in Dayton, Ohio. Along the highway we always looked for two things: the Brill Cream signs and the big red barns painted with “Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco.”

  20. You found a barn owner that’s not afraid to be original–or maybe there was a deal on blue paint! Most farmers are known for thriftiness, aren’t they?

  21. I’ve never seen a blue barn before, either. Nice though. And, I think the door is a dark red or am I seeing that wrong. I’ve never noticed this barn before even though I’ve been through Isle of Wight many times.

  22. I see from the other comments I’m not the only one who hasn’t seen a blue barn before. I wonder if there is a reason barns are so often painted red? Maybe so they’ll stand out in bad weather? Or maybe cows can see red better than other colors?! ~ Sheila

  23. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I like a blue barn for a charge. Of course that might be because I love the color blue!!

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