Recent Random Favorites

Today: a few recent photos that struck my fancy.

I’ve shared pictures before of the Jordan House, located just outside the town limits of Smithfield.  This was taken one day at sunset, back in January, when we had just a little snow still on the ground (and on the roof).

jordan house

Also in January, our great niece, Lilly, celebrated her first birthday. I thought this was a cute shot of her with big sister, Livy.

livy and lilly

A smug “smile” from Sundae girl.

smug sundae

Anyone else see “footprints” in these clouds?


I never seem to remember that daffodils begin blooming in February.


Even though the current weather doesn’t correspond, we can only hope that this means spring is just around the corner.


24 responses to “Recent Random Favorites

  1. You got some great shots of the girls that day!

  2. What a lovely bunch of randomness! Jordan House has an eerie feel about it… always look adorable in pix….Sundae can’t miss with that beautiful face of hers….YES I see footprints….and halleluja on Spring finally making a first appearance. Happy Thursday!


  3. We are feeling smidges of spring in the air, too — loved all the “random” shots — a gentle reminder to see the beauty and wonder in everyday things.

    Sundae’s smile is quite smug 🙂


  4. Your great nieces are adorable. Love their names.
    The daffodil is beautiful…our white azaleas are starting to bloom…not quite a full bush yet. Yes, spring is just around the corner.
    Such a silly grin on Sundae’s face. I think she loves hanging with everybody.

  5. I see footprints! They look like infant feet when they stamp them on paper.. 🙂 Sweet picture of your great nieces. We are going to have a great niece or nephew next month.. 🙂 I think the Jordan house is cool in an eerie kind of way. Nothing scary about Sundae, she is just a sweetie! Spring has got to be coming. Has to!!!!!

  6. Love these shots, Dianna! The girls are just too cute. And oh how I’ve missed Sundae. 🙂

  7. Wonderful assortment of photos, Dianna. That first one is haunting, and those girls are adorable. I hope you get to see them often. I forgot about the daffodils blooming so early, too. I can guarantee you that my Boston kids aren’t seeing any up there! We’re going to visit them mid-April. Maybe we’ll see some up there then.

  8. Wish spring would hurry up and get here….Don’t have any daffodils near so if they’ve braved the cold weather, I haven’t seen any.
    The Jordan House is always a favorite.
    And who wouldn’t smile at Sundae’s smug little face!

  9. Your photos gave me a jolt of joy today! No daffodils blooming here yet, not even crocus…still lots of snow on the ground. That’s why I enjoyed your pictures so much! 🙂

  10. The photo of Sundae made me smile…so cute! And, yes, I see the footprints! Have a happy day!

  11. I am always drawn to pictures of clouds and sky 🙂 but those babies are pretty darn cute!

  12. All great photos. You remind us to appreciate the wonder around us. Thanks.

  13. the first shot is really neat! so are the footprints! 🙂

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Your picture of the Jordon house is lovely, the girls are as cute as can be, Sundae is always a joy to see, I do see the footprints, and I love and need the signs of spring.

  15. mollieandalfie

    What beautiful Photo’s I just love love Daffodils, remind me of summer 🙂 xx00xxx
    Mollie and Alfie

  16. Great sunset shot. Big Foot, for sure! Sundae definitely looks like she is humoring you. I saw daffs somewhere the other day! Yay for yellow!

  17. That picture of Sundae is so great 🙂

  18. Great ones! I’ve never seen the Jordan House in that ‘light’ before …

  19. A special assortment of pictures Diana! Each one more special then the next. I think the footprints in the clouds is my favorite!

  20. The seasons will turn – it’s just a matter of time! ❤

  21. You already have daffodils! I can’t wait but I am sure it will be a month or more yet.

  22. Footprints in the clouds is my favorite too, but then again, the children, but then again and especially, the daffodils! 🙂

  23. The pictures are great. I especially liked the one of Jordon House. The clouds and sun behind the house really make an artistic picture.

  24. Love the photos…the old house and the daffodils especially! Happy spring! ~ Sheila

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