Barn Charm – Spotsylvania County

As Sundae mentioned in yesterday’s post, Motor Man and I traveled to Sperryville, Virginia on Sunday to visit with my blogging friend, Pam (One Spoiled Cat) and her husband, Dave. Along the way, I was, of course, taking pictures of barns. And Motor Man, as usual, was great about stopping whenever we spotted one.

This one was in Spotsylvania County. Our first glimpse:


We pulled into the farm lane, across a grown-over cattle guard, and I walked over into the field to get this next picture. (I should keep hiking boots in the vehicle.)


We live in southeast Virginia, where the land is very flat. So driving to the central part of the state and seeing the rollings hills is always a treat. As we were driving away, I continued to take pictures of this old barn. (I told Motor Man I didn’t want to leave it behind.)


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23 responses to “Barn Charm – Spotsylvania County

  1. Note to self: “Keep boots in truck”……a necessary bit of equipment when you’re a barn and fence hunter extraordinaire wielding a camera! I like this barn – it is rather grand and sits on a lovely bit pf property.


  2. oh this is such a beautiful old barn…imagine the life it had!

  3. I like this barn too! It has a bunch of charm Dianna. It certainly is sitting atop its own hill. Beautiful rolling hills. And yep, I keep my farm boots in whatever vehicle we are in for the day! Of course sometimes I forget the camera.. 🙂 Good Morning Dianna!

  4. Wow, great scenes. And come visit us in Spotsylvania County anytime!

  5. mollieandalfie

    Love that saying Rolling hills.. Love the barn. I always have wellies in the boot, we have so much rain here at the moment xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Spotsylvania…what a charming name for this spot. The first two pictures really look like paintings. I love my hiking boots – Ariats.

  7. Must have been quite a large farm with such a great, large barn.
    Yes, we flatlanders do enjoy seeing those rolling hills!

  8. I like the way the last shot is framed by trees 🙂

  9. Good one! I love the old crumbling barns! How about traveling this way?

  10. That is one charming barn! Wish I could have seen it in person. I bet it has a lot of stories to tell. ❤

  11. really nice find!

  12. Oooh! I want to frame that second picture for my collection! Beautiful.

  13. Great barn charm. I enjoy your & MM journey’s. You have amazing photos. That old barn looks like it has an ol’ home feel. I wonder what sort history it must’ve witnessed. 🙂

  14. That first pic is one of your best barn pics, in my opinion … Just something about the setting 😉

  15. I just read Marshall’s comment above and I quite agree. “There’s just something about the setting.” Plus I just love the old, weathered barns with the rusty roofs. Beautiful shots!

  16. A great barn, obviously neglected but making for a great photo! : )

  17. We keep a rubbermaid bin in the back of the Tahoe, our traveling vehicle, with gloves, boots and extra rain jackets. Sometimes you just need them. Of course, the minute I take them out to clean them, I forget to put them back in. Yikes!

  18. I would love to see this old barn up close and personal. It is one of those that tug just a little more at my heart.

  19. Thanks for hiking to get this shot – it’s a great old barn!

  20. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another great barn blog. I love the last picture.

  21. That one looks like my kind of exploring barn… Wouldn’t you just love to get inside & look around! Beautiful shots & love that rusty roof

    Thank you for joining =)

  22. That’s a lovely barn find, Dianna. I like the rolling terrain up there, too.

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