Recently, I was entrusted with some old family photos. Some I had seen before, but many I hadn’t.  Some had names written on the back, but many didn’t.  It’s amazing how much hope you can feel in the fraction of a second it takes to turn over a picture.

I didn’t need to look on the back of this one.


This was my maternal grandmother, the only grandparent I knew. The others had passed away before I was born, but Grandma was in my life until I was 16. According to the date on this picture, I would have been just a young child when it was taken.

Grandma lived only about a quarter mile from Mom and me. Since my dad had died when I was an infant, and my sisters were grown and married when I was very young, Mom and I visited Grandma every day.  The school bus driver (a family friend and neighbor) knew to stop there in the afternoons if she saw Mom’s car.

When I found this picture, I immediately glanced around at the furnishings in the room. I don’t recall that (badly in need of repair) caned-back sofa. The one I remember had both back and seat cushions, which never stayed in place when you sat on them.  There’s a crocheted afghan (one I’m sure she made) on the sofa at the  far right corner of the picture.

But, oh how I remember that goose-neck rocker of Grandma’s.  She rocked many a grandchild and great grandchild in that rocker.  And sat in it in the afternoons as she (and usually my mom) watched soap operas. (Always the ones on CBS: As The World Turns, The Guiding Light, The Secret Storm and The Edge of Night. It would have been unheard of to watch another channel.) It was also unheard of for anyone else to sit in Grandma’s chair.

I found myself wondering which of my relatives took this picture. Did Grandma not realize she was being photographed? I have other pictures of her, where she’s looking at the camera, so I don’t think she was looking away intentionally. Wonder who or what had her attention at this moment.

Of course, there’s no way I can know who took the picture, but I’m so glad they did.

(And yes, her name was on the back of the photo.)

And thank you, Lona.


24 responses to “Grandma

  1. mollieandalfie

    It’s great you have such wonderful old photo’s, I don’t have much of a family so no old photo’s going round. I do have one of my Grandad in the air force 🙂 Have a wonderful day xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Visiting Grandma every day didn’t just start after Daddy died! Rose, our other sister, and I would get off the school bus at Grandma’s, too!
    And when Daddy was alive, we always went to Grandma’s after dinner/supper! That’s usually where we did our homework.
    Sweet, sweet memories!

  3. Love this “The school bus driver (a family friend and neighbor) knew to stop there in the afternoons if she saw Mom’s car.” It made me smile.

  4. I love this, and used to watch “The Edge of Night” with my Grandma, too. She wore housedresses, like your Grandma has on, and had similarly styled glasses and wavy hair. What a sweet remembrance of good times – of love – lots and lots of love and comfort – so readily available.

    And I wonder what happened to that pretty lamp on the far back left? Treasure these photos, I know you do.

  5. Very sweet memories Dianna! I love old photos. Just recently went through a bunch. I bet your Grandma’s chair was one comfy rocking chair!

  6. very cool Dianne… All the furniture, afghans, and even the lamp look very familiar!

  7. Thanks for sharing Dianna, since my Grandma’s both died when I was so young, I enjoy hearing anything about family…

  8. i like the fact that the school bus driver would stop there if your mom’s car was already there. 🙂

  9. I think digital photography – though convenient – has caused us to lose a little of the nostalgia that accompanies old photos. I love looking through my albums remembering where I was or people I knew. I hardly ever do the same with my digital albums. I love this photo of your grandmother and all of the memories it evoked for you. ❤

  10. What wonderful memories!

  11. I know these old photos mean the world to you. Oh, the memories.

  12. This picture is very much like a picture I have of my grandmother. I have felt that women of that era began to look alike as they grew older. Always seems like all grandmas then had the same hairstyles, glasses, and clothes. Wonder if we too will all blend together when we get that age 🙂

  13. What a great memory! It is so filled with love.

  14. There really is just something about an old photo .. especially when it’s a family photo … This is a find; a great one for the family archives!

  15. I love looking at old photos and I do think women wore much the same kind of clothing in those days. The dresses were called shirt-waist dresses? I can’t see your grandmother’s shoes, but I bet they were of the sensible variety like mine wore. No flip flops or athletic shoes for them! The hair styles were all pretty much the same, too. I know you treasure your photos and the sweet memories.

  16. What a treasure trove Lona’s pictures turned out to be…old photos are wonderful particularly of our own family….seeing somethng familiar is like finding a piece of you that you didn’t know was missing! That’s a great photo of your grandmother even if she wasn’t looking right at the camera……..


  17. Don’t you love those old photos? I’ve been going through some too from my parents. Like yours, some are marked, some are not. My grandma had a goose-neck rocker too! I used to spend lots of time sitting in it with her singing songs when I was a child. Your post brought back fond memories of my grandma, who died when I was 9.

  18. Dianna, this was great! I had just posted about my maternal grandma yesterday! How wonderful for you that you had such memories of her, something I didn’t have. I just hope my grandchildren have fond memories of me. 🙂

  19. What a wonderful feeling it must be to receive this precious photo and remember the good times. Your Grandma was a lovely lady. Seeing her furnishings and especially her special chair certainly echoes many memories of my Mom and Grandma too. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  20. Ahhh…precious memories. This made me smile!

  21. I think it must have been fashionable for the grandmas of our day to wear housedresses and watch their ‘stories’ as mine called them. What a treasure for you to have this candid photograph. I wondering if she is looking at you playing somewhere in the distance.

  22. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I see your Mother in your Grandmother. Lovely picture. You are blessed Lona gave you the old pictures. They truly are a treasure. Please give her my love.

  23. How lucky you were to have your grandmother until you were 16 and to have this photo now. Looking back via a picture you can hold in your hands means so much in this digital age. And the memories – ah, the memories are definitely priceless.

  24. Some hard times, I’m sure, but they were much simpler.

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