Daily Archives: June 5, 2013

The Snugg And Chessie Show

Actually, it’s more like the Snugg show.

I’ve introduced you to Marshall’s cats before. The orange one is Snugg and the gray and orange one is his sister, Chessie. They have entirely different personalities. Chessie is more withdrawn; she’s friendly, but on her own terms and when she chooses.

Snugg, on the other hand, is just a ham.

A few days ago, Marshall took this series of pictures of the two of them relaxing on an outdoor swing.

snugg and chessie1

Next, Snugg realizes that Marshall is taking pictures, and Marshall begins talking to the two of them.

snugg and chessie2

And, once again, Snugg proves that not only is he a ham, he’s also a camera hog.

snugg and chessie3

And Chessie seems embarrassed by her brother’s antics.