Daily Archives: June 12, 2013

A Backyard Whodunit

Whenever I’m in antique or thrift shops, I’m always on the look-out for little wooden stools  and childrens’ chairs to use in my flower beds.  For example, I placed a potted sweet potato vine on this little chair last year.

sweet potato vine 2009 9-14-2009 9-53-53 AM

Early one morning last week, I was out in the yard, filling bird baths and feeders and just checking on things in general, and I saw this.

broken chair1

And it stopped me in my tracks. One of my little chairs, broken into several pieces. It was originally in the flowerbed, just to the left of that yellow blooming plant.

 I must admit that it frightened me at first. For one thing, this happened right in front of our bedroom. (Those are our bedroom windows you can see in the background.) Who – or what – would break that little chair?  And why?

This was the flowerpot that had been on the chair.

broken chair flowerpot

I began gathering up all the parts, still in disbelief.

pieces parts

And then…. a clue.


Deer hoof prints. Well, that explains what did the damage. But the question “why” still remained.

Then, I did what I normally do when something needs to be repaired (at least portable things): I put all the parts in a box and took them to Motor Man at our shop.

chair parts in box

And, after several days of trying to fit them all back together, we were left with yet another question. Why would the pieces of the back section not fit correctly like they did before?

With no answer to that question, I now have a wooden stool.

portulaca on wooden stool

I’m still wondering what that innocent little chair did to infuriate that (or those)deer?