Daily Archives: June 15, 2013

Sunrise Saturday Returns!

Although it’s nice to have the weekends “off” from blogging, I must admit that I sometimes miss Sunrise Saturdays and Sunset Sundays.

So, today, a few recent sunrises that I thought were especially interesting.

A rather dramatic sunrise the morning of May 17.

sunrise 5-17

May 23. From the looks of those clouds, I’m thinking this may have been all we saw of the sun that day.


June 6. My mom used to call clouds like these “mares’ tails.”


And, finally, two pictures of the sunrise on June 8.  This one was taken at 5:40.


And this one was at 5:55; once again reminding us of how quickly the skies can change.


Where we live, this time of year affords us the best view of the sunrises and sunsets, and I try to “catch” as many of them as possible.

A hint about tomorrow’s post: it isn’t a Sunset Sunday….