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Barn Charming With A Friend

Saturday, I met my friend, Donna, for a morning of antiquing. She introduced me to a neat little antique shop, where we both found some goodies we just couldn’t live without. We drove a few miles to a second shop, only to find that it was closed that day.  We mumbled a few comments like: “How could they?” and “You’d think they’d be open on a Saturday!”, only to then see a little note explaining that they were closed because of a wedding.  Oh, well, that’s different; completely understandable and forgiveable.

Since they were closed, we drove a few miles further, because Donna knew of  a church where sometimes little yard sales/plant sales take place on the lawn. Nothing that day, BUT I did find a barn for Barn Charm!

barn1 6-15-2013 11-17-17 AM

Although I spotted this from the highway, Donna knew of a way to get closer for better pics, and NO, it didn’t require trespassing.

Let’s get a closer look (good thing I had my “long” lens): hmmm…rustic….shabby chic.  But look at that gorgeous horse!

barn 2 6-15-2013 11-17-20 AM

Such a beautiful setting.

horse barn and hills

I knew the light-colored horse was a palomino. Donna, who loved horses as a child, (unlike me, who waited until much later in life) explained that the one near the barn was a bay and the one to the far right was a pinto.

horses1 6-15-2013 11-19-25 AM

Donna is also responsible for that third photo – I was driving down the lane, back to the highway, and she recognized what a nice shot that would be.

Antiques + horses + a barn + time spent with a friend = one fun morning.

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