Daily Archives: June 16, 2013

Triple Celebration

We have a lot to celebrate in our family today.

Today is Marshall’s birthday. He, Motor Man and I are planning a birthday breakfast at a favorite nearby restaurant.  For several years, we’ve celebrated Marshall’s birthday there with either breakfast or lunch.

Of course, it was just yesterday that Marshall had his first birthday. (Well, it seems that way to me.)


We’re also celebrating Father’s Day today. Although at the time, Motor Man was a family friend, I’m sharing this picture taken of him and Marshall a “few” years ago. I think Marshall was around 6 years old, and he was sitting in a race car that was part of an Open House at Motor Man’s business. (We had no way of knowing that Motor Man would, one day, become Marshall’s step-dad.)


This one was from a couple of years ago. (I love that Marshall is looking at Motor Man in both these pictures…!)

jr marshall 9-12-2011 12-37-001

And, finally, we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day later today with Motor Man’s dad.

jr and pop

It’s gonna be a busy day…isn’t it wonderful to have special people to celebrate?