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Friday’s Fences – The Storm’s Aftermath

Last Thursday, the weather forecasters predicted the possibility of potentially severe late-afternoon storms.

But while the storms were still a good distance away, brief heavy winds hit our county.  We heard that our neighboring county, Surry, suffered worse damage than we did.

So the next day, Motor Man and I took a little trip to Surry.  This was the first damage we saw. Thankfully, it was out in a field and didn’t involve any structures.

tree top

The winds toppled this mobile home.

mobile home flipped

Then, within the town of Surry, there were many tree limbs down.

downed limbs and fence

And a tree uprooted in front of this beautiful old home, which didn’t appear to have any damage.

uprooted tree and house

Thankfully, there were no injuries, just some major clean-up.

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