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Random Facts: Motor Man And Me

Today, I’m participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. This was the prompt I chose:

1.) List 6 random facts about you and your husband.

Here are my 6 random facts:

1.) Although Motor Man and I have only been married 11 years, we’ve known each other for 42. (Of course, I was just a child when we met….)

jr db

2.) Motor Man’s nickname for me is “DB”, and has been since 1976. They were my initials at the time.


3.) Since we’ve been together, Motor Man has encouraged me to do all sorts of things, from driving the interstate (I grew up a country girl; interstates used to terrify me), to learning the internet (you all see where that has led), to not being intimidated (THAT has backfired on him a couple of times).

4.) Not long after we began dating, Motor Man insisted on having a pilot friend of ours take us up in a small plane for my first-ever flight  – on anything. Since then, he’s had me on too many commercial flights to count, as well as helicopters and other small planes. And I still get nervous when we fly.

"Cheesing" for the camera, but I really was VERY scared

“Cheesing” for the camera, but I really was VERY scared

5.)  Spelling isn’t Motor Man’s strong suit, and math isn’t mine. We’re a team: I do the spelling, and he does the numbers.

6.) Motor Man makes me laugh. Everyday.

dbjr ventura beach

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