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Birthday Adventure

You may recall that I mentioned Motor Man and I were going on an adventure for my birthday.  And, today, I’d like to share details with you.

Drum roll, please…. We went on a private tour with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund to see the horses on the Outer Banks. (As a matter of fact, I am obsessed…why do you ask?)

There are commercial horse tours available, but none of the money from those tours goes to care for the horses, whereas all the proceeds from tours given by the Corolla Wild Horse Fund go to help maintain the herd.

Our guide was a nice young man named Chris. He taught us so much we didn’t know about the horses.

db and chris

For example: there are a total of 119 horses in the herd. The horses receive medical care, and extensive notes are kept about their habits, etc. We saw a total of 73 horses, many of them on the beach, while on our tour.  Don’t worry, I won’t be sharing pictures of all of them.

horses  on beach

But this was perhaps the highlight of the day. As Chris was driving us to an area where he knew we should see a large number of horses, we spotted this stallion up ahead of us.


Chris commented that the path the horse was taking was leading to the area where we were headed. Suddenly, from the left, a foal darted out of the brush RIGHT in front of us. It’s scary to think that, if a car were traveling faster than Chris was, it would most likely have hit that little one.  Then, the foal just stopped.


Chris explained that this foal is about a month old, and is named Inocencio (Spanish for Innocent). He stopped because he had lost sight of his dad, and didn’t know where he’d gone. We could hear them whinnying.

Then Mom joined her foal, and led him to the path where Dad was.

mom and babe

It was great having Chris explain what was taking place right in front of us. By the way, he told us that birth control shots are given to the mares that are believed to not be good “mother material”. This is determined by watching certain traits with the harems. This spring, they’re expecting a total of five foals to be born into the herd.

mom and babe2

Not only does Chris know his wild horses, he also knows quite a bit about photography, and gave me some good pointers while we were together.

Motor Man and me –  at the Corolla Wild Horse Museum after our tour.

jr db horse tour

Thanks, Motor Man for my birthday gift. And, thanks, Chris, for a wonderful tour.

If you’re in the Outer Banks and want to learn more about the horses, we would definitely recommend taking a tour with the experts. Here’s the link to their web-site: http://www.corollawildhorses.com/

And we hope you’re fortunate enough to have Chris for your guide.