Friday’s Fences – Summertime!

A few years ago, I asked Motor Man to build a little section of fence in our side yard. I’ve never really done much with it, other than put a wreath on it at Christmas time.

But last fall, I began the process of making a flowerbed around it. And earlier this spring, I planted.  In the center is my favorite, thunburgia (Black-eyed Susan vine). I’m learning that it’s very stubborn and insists on only growing vertically.  Persuading it to trail along the boards of the fence is proving futile. To the left is an old bushel basket that washed up in our yard during a high tide (sometimes you get treasures!). In that, I  planted marigolds.  The sunflower-type plants are rudbeckia.  This is my first experience with them, and I really like them. (So do the rabbits and deer, so those plants require regular spraying with Liquid Stench Fence.)

fence 7-15-2013 2-34-31 PM

Thanks, Motor Man. I’m loving my little fence!

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25 responses to “Friday’s Fences – Summertime!

  1. A nice little planting area…..sometimes it’s nice to have your own “home grown” fence for “Friday’s Fences” !


  2. Lovely fence, Dianna. And kudos to you for re-purposing that basket. Very nice scene.
    What they put in a bottle! Liquid fence…never heard of it…but we just used Liquid Round Up last weekend to take out the Mexia grass and make mowing easier out at the farm.

  3. So cute:) I love sun flowers and the black-eyed susan vine!

  4. My favorite fence of all you have posted. Nice!

  5. I love to see a fence with flowers around it! Nice job!

  6. Lovely little fence and flower bed.

  7. The fence section makes a lovely addition to your flower bed.

  8. oh i love what you’ve done, looks so pretty!

  9. Such a nice touch – very pretty…and with lots of my favorite yellow!

  10. That is so cute!! What fun that you used an old bushel basket to plant in too. Very creative, Dianna!

  11. I love your little fence too! And did you have any bird families in your birdhouses?

  12. It does not take much to make a great addition to a garden. Your little fence was just the thing.

  13. A great addition to the side-yard!
    I’d never seen rudbeckia before, but they’re really cool; keep the liquid stench handy !

  14. Oh I love your little fence too!! You’ve given me an idea, I hope Greg has some fencing skills 🙂

  15. Your fence sure made a great backing for your flowers. Looks very pretty!

  16. Love that fence on its own all weathered
    Bridget #13

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a wonderful job you have done, Dianna! That area is lovely.
    Have a good weekend.

  18. Liquid stench! LOL That is a nice little addition to the yard. I don’t think I’ve seen a real bushel basket in years, you did have a treasure wash up.

  19. Why do climbers insist on forging their own path? They never seem to understand the plan we have for them. Looks like you’ve gotten yours firmly in hand. Nice.

  20. Perfect little fence! What a great prop for all sorts of plantings and seasonal decoration! ~ Sheila

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