This Year’s Family Reunion

On Saturday, Motor Man and I hosted the reunion for my Mom’s side of the family. It was set to begin at 3:00.  This photo was taken from our garage door at 2:59.

rain 8-3-2013 2-59-05 PM

Even before the rain, Motor Man had suggested we set up everything in the garage. It proved to be a wise decision.

I’m not sure when the first reunion was held for our family. The date on this photo is 1952. This was taken when the reunion was held at my Uncle Andrew’s farm.  From the left: my late Aunt Mattie, my sister June, my mom, my late aunts Martha and Lucille and, on the right, my cousin, Janet.  Uncle Andrew always pulled old farm wagons into the yard , covered them with white paper, and they were the tables for the food. And apparently, the seats while waiting for the food. (Note my Aunt Lucille’s pearls, dangling earrings….and socks and tennis shoes.)

family reunion1 1952

Years ago, there would be upwards of 70 folks attending the family reunion.

Now, so many things have changed within what was once a large family. My mom and her 11 siblings have passed on, and we’ve lost a few of the first cousins. And some are physically unable to attend. To the younger generations, the reunion doesn’t mean what it did to our parents and to us.

So on Saturday, we had nine. Nine. Counting Marshall, Motor Man and me. There were four of us first cousins.

4 cousins 8-3-2013 6-28-27 PM

Though we were small in number, we had a great time. And the sun came out while we were visiting and eating.  And sharing our memories of our parents and grandparents.

A coincidence? Maybe not.


24 responses to “This Year’s Family Reunion

  1. I think it’s grand that even though it initially “rained on your parade”, the sun came out and a grand time was had by all……a sunny moment for this years’ reunion.


  2. I didn’t know you and Betty were cousins!!!

  3. All 3 girls look pretty in that turquoisey-blue! Must be a family thing 🙂 Neat that the sun came out, just in time for that picture – it’s a treasure … as is the older snap. I noticed the necklace and earrings straight away !!


  4. Family reunions are so much fun. Glad the sun came out.

  5. mollieandalfie

    Every time we organize a family BBQ, it can be boiling hot the day before but on our day, it always rain. Lovely photo’s xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. How wonderful of you to keep this up. You all look so happy to be together. Style…now your Aunt Lucille certainly had it. 🙂

  7. Aunt Lucille was the height of fashion or so she thought. In later years…she only came in knee-socks, long sleeves and walking shorts since she was allergic to the sun.

  8. It’s great to keep family traditions alive no matter how few. Who else can tell family stories?

  9. I would have come if I had known about it.

  10. Beautiful photos! It’s so nice to have quality family time whatever the weather! =^.^=

  11. oh, that rainstorm was brutal! glad you managed well.

  12. Most precious!

  13. Love love love the photo from 1952! The ladies all look wonderful. With them all sitting around being beautiful and waiting for the food, I’m left wondering if the men were actually doing the cooking?

  14. It was a great time ! – I do remember the days when there were family members everywhere at the reunions – but there’s nothing wrong with a small one, either!
    ‘The Journal’ stole the show this time ! 😉

  15. We used to host more get togethers with family. It seems harder and harder to get either my husband’s or my family together. And that’s just our siblings and nieces and nephews. Makes me sad…

  16. Wow! We had rain like that yesterday! Kozmo was outside somewhere and hided until it was over. He was one soaked cat when he came in. Sundae, me has been so furry busy, me forgots to asks yous if me could come and spend the nights with yous! So mes will asks now, Dear Sundae, can mes comes and spend the night with yous after me visits Sammy on Wednesday?

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Reunions are wonderful no matter the size. Our family, (Hornes & Halls) use to have great reunions, but not so much now. I miss that, because we always had good times. I am so glad that you all had a grand time. Have a good week!

  18. Our hoomans do something called Miller Day where the entire family on one side meet every four years. It’s always good fun and all the little hoomans have to go ^_^

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

  19. Made my heart break for you when I saw the first picture but then all the following pictures made me smile and the I saw the sun! Glad you had a great reunion!

  20. I loved the rainy day picture! And the old photo too. And the new photo too. What a wonderful reunion and I’m glad the sun came out. Meanwhile, I think you have noticed I nominated you for an award. In case you need the details they are at . Luv, Dor

  21. I think it’s awesome to continue your family tradition if only for a few. Cute group you have there.

  22. I’m glad the sky cleared and brightened up a joy-filled day.

  23. Nice storm! Good thing you had planned ahead! My family has had much the same experience…the older generation I grew up with is gone, and much of the next in line is too, or else not able to be out and about. And the “younger” ones of us live scattered far and wide. Sadly the thing that brings us together most often is another funeral. But we have all recognized that though the event may be sad, it is still a wonderful opportunity to reconnect, which we’ve done. Love the photo with the tennis shoes! ~ Sheila

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