Barn Charm – Add-On…?

Another barn that we found on our trip to Cambridge, Maryland last week.

green barn1 7-29-2013 8-32-23 AM

Not only was this an unusual color for a barn…

green barn2 7-29-2013 8-32-42 AM

…but if you look closely, it seems that the green siding was just placed over the top of the cinder blocks…

green barn3 7-29-2013 8-32-37 AM

Guess the owner just wanted to dress it up a bit.

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17 responses to “Barn Charm – Add-On…?

  1. Nice color on the barn… least PARTLY (!)……


  2. A pretty serene color of green. So many doors. Where do they go?

  3. It is really different and very charming! I like the cinder blocks, the shape and the green siding!! Lovely farmhouse with oaks around and a nice fence!

  4. And it looks like this barn is in pretty good shape….love the setting.

  5. The barn must be a “she”. Women always like to have a colorful top on!

  6. hmmm..can’t decide if I like the siding or not. I think it would have looked better if they painted it! Nice find

  7. My favorite part is the roof. Wouldn’t you just love to look inside?

  8. it is an interesting color.

  9. Good Morning Dianna!
    I agree with everyone else, such a pretty color!
    Regarding the fact if it’s an add on or not…I could be wrong, but I believe the barn to be cinder block foundation and typical wood siding. I LOVE their choice of green. I think it is unconventional and it works real nice with it’s surroundings. Seems like most often those barns stay white or red…Ha! The rebels! 😉

  10. Very interesting …. maybe they got halfway down and decided against it ???

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Very nice country setting with the house and barn. I can not decide if I like the two tone barn or not. ?

  12. That is unusual, but I like the color.

  13. Interesting farm and barn!

  14. It sure is a nice barn…I always love this style. But then, I say that about almost all barns. LOL

  15. I like the color and it looks so pretty in that setting!

  16. So interesting! You find the most unusual places.

  17. Nice! Definitely a different color for a barn.

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