Barn Charm – Gone

A couple of months ago, Motor Man and I were out for a Sunday drive in a neighboring county. From a distance, we spotted this huge old barn.

barn first 6-30-2013 4-34-09 PM

Obviously, part of a once large farming operation.

barn1 6-30-2013 4-34-26 PM

Now, just a pile of rubble. (Note the obligatory light pole.)

barn and peanut trailer 6-30-2013 4-34-29 PM

It brought to mind an expression Motor Man uses occasionally: “She must have been a heyday in her day.”.

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16 responses to “Barn Charm – Gone

  1. My goodness….it almost looks like it collapsed under its own weight – just plain tired of standing there!


  2. Leave it to JR to come up with the perfect caption!!

  3. Mom and Dad always used that phrase – it was a sight ‘in its heyday’. I must admit to using it once in awhile myself. I’ve always wondered what the old buildings have been witness to through the years, but that’s the curious historian in me.

  4. Wonder if the light on that pole still goes on. Reminds me of another song that’s always on a commercial now – “You Light Up My Life!” 🙂

  5. Poor old thing! We have an obligatory light pole.. 🙂

  6. Looks like a storm did that damage! The roof was ripped right off. Oh if it could talk…

  7. love the expression =)

    thank you for continuing to join Barn Charm

  8. Looks a bit sad… Definitely some storm damage; the way the roof is crumpled up & rolled back … but obviously a proud one years ago ..

  9. Wow, looks like a storm came blowing through and that barn just couldn’t take it any more.

  10. It’s so sad when buildings that were once “a heyday in her day” become a pile of rubble. (I really like Motor Man’s heyday expression.)

  11. I love the barn charm idea! She does look like she must have been a heyday in her day. Love the greens and blues in your photos.

  12. Too bad! Hate to see these old buildings that have so much character come to the end! ~ Sheila

  13. That does appear to have been a huge barn at one time. Glad to see you found a light pole to put in front of it.

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I am sure it was a great barn in its day!

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